I remember the day like it was yesterday. The sun was shining, the sky was clear. My friend, Lee, and I decided to go to the beach to relax after the fantastic day we had had. We were sitting on the cold sand and watching the blue sea as winds brushed through our hair. Nobody else was there. What a perfect way to end a perfect day. At least, that’s how we thought it was going to end.

But on our way home, Lee froze as she was going through her bag.

“It’s not here. My wallet. It’s not here!”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure! I lost it somehow, somewhere.”

“Let’s retrace our steps. Maybe you left it at the restaurant or at the cinema. Maybe if we go there, somebody might have found it and turned it in,” I suggested.

But I didn’t believe what I was saying. I knew that it was a hopeless attempt. I knew that nobody would turn it in. There was so much money in it; her whole salary, money she had to use for all her expenses and to support her family. I honestly didn’t think that anybody would turn it in. I had no faith in humanity.

“You reckon?” she asked. She wanted to cry. I could tell by how her eyes immediately turned red. I didn’t know what to say or do to comfort her.

“It won’t hurt to try.”

We took a taxi and retraced our steps. We went to all the places we went to earlier on; the mall, the cinema, but we had no luck. When she finally gave up I took her to a nearby park. Tears fell down her eyes and I just held her. I said nothing. I was speechless. I couldn’t help but cry with her. Then something happened.

Her phone rang. She looked at it and it was an unknown number. She ignored it until it stopped. It rang again. It rang for some time. I took it.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Hello. This is Steve. Am I speaking to a Miss Lee?” a man asked.

“This is Abby, her friend.”

“I found her wallet at the mall. I was hoping we could meet up so that I can give it to her. I found her number on a card that was in the wallet.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I was shocked. I noted down the meeting spot the man suggested. It was at the mall, not far from where we were. We rushed there and found the man standing at a parking lot, next to his car. He handed the wallet to Lee. Everything was in there, her money, her cards, her important documents. We were so grateful!

“Thank you,” Lee smiled. “How can we repay you for your kindness?”

“It’s my pleasure. No need for you to repay me. Just be careful next time,” he smiled and got into his car and drove away.

I couldn’t believe it. There were still good, decent people out there, people with good hearts. I had forgotten that because of all the bad ones that exist. It was in that moment that I believed in humanity again. My faith was restored. That man was not only Lee’s hero, he was mine too. I realized that not all heroes wore capes. Some are just ordinary people who live ordinary lives, spreading kindness to everyone and restoring peace and faith all around us!