The world is made up of principles that it govern its own systems. Living things learn those principles and affect them in the way they want. This has caused the earth to be a better place for living but, on the other hand, it has caused the world to behave wildly and making life seem difficult. Here is where people say, “God help us to be like someone” without clearly understanding that everyone has their own story!

My school life was fantastic at almost all stages, but the most interesting was the beginning in kindergarten where my tests were graded with a 100% in almost all of my subjects. This was very good for me, my parents and teachers. School was interesting, for real. Later on, in primary school, I got lower marks compared to kindergarten. The marks I got were Bs and Cs. I noticed that whenever we start depending on ourselves, our progress and success is reduced if no effort is made to solve the problem, and thus solutions must be found immediately as possible.

In secondary level, things became very tight. Sometimes I got below average. This was so bad for my education. I was heartbroken. I remembered that when I was in kindergarten, I didn’t know even if was studying or struggling for education but I got the best in the examination with mostly an “A” in class, but why now?

I was badly stressed and I had to spend most of my time thinking “why me”, “who am I”, “what should I do”. From these thoughts and many questions, I figured that my mind was filled with a lot of knowledge and experiences. I asked myself, why can’t these experiences and knowledge take me out of these problems? Then the answer came: It is because I’m not writing them down and joining them in the way I should to obtain a solution.

I started to write down my thoughts. I said to myself, I think so much but I never get solutions, because what I think is relevant to the present environment I am in, which is changing continuously in ways I can see and the ways I cannot recognise. Therefore, writing them could help with collecting thoughts at different environments and conditions that together could give a wide range of ideas for coming up with new, accurate and useful solutions.

From my written thoughts, I recognised that God does not work for us unless we work for the environment, because the real God is not a person like us, but immense power concentrated in a living nature that is behind the principles, rules and the existence of things. As long as we can learn how to discover principles locked beyond existence of things, and solve our problems wisely in the ways that maybe no one has ever known them that will be the best way of serving our God.

Since God is the great science of things and environment, finding Him is the way to success, and knowing his powers is a great success. That means people should take most of their time to understand their environment and the science in them, this will bring success, because when you understand something, it is easy to apply it any way you want. This includes being the master of your environment by making things you need to happen and stopping what you don’t.

This world is explained by the majority as a uniform thing with uniform principles and formulas, but the reality is that the world is uniform to God only, meaning that it is uniform to someone who knows everything about the world. To any other human there is no uniformity in the world because everything that happens involves more than one principle and among those principles, 80% of the principles we don’t know, so we can neither explain how things happen nor predict their outcomes, this is what is called the great variation. Thus everyone’s life is greatly varied to other humans irrespective of their environment looking exactly the same and this is why everyone has their own story: everyone has their own ways.


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