Being a woman is so hard. Sometimes a man doesn’t know what challenges we face. Women can be raped at a young age, men can also be molested but the majority are women. In some countries women are forced to marry at a very young age. It will be so hard but you have to agree. They can make you get married because of poverty or it’s their culture. It’s unfair for us women because it’s like we have no rights, we have to agree to this worldly ruling.

Long ago women were not allowed to go to school, but their purpose was to get married and have children. It would benefit parents a lot. Long ago lobola was paid in cash or cows or goats, even chickens. Many woman are affected even at work, they are sexually harassed. Sometimes when you dress and show your cleavage, you would be blamed because of the dress.

What does the bible say about woman?

God said a woman would be subject to her husband. After Adam and Eve sinned, Eve was told to be subject to her husband and have pain during pregnancy. It did not say we are slaves to man. It also wrote that we must not show our bodies in public but respect our bodies and Christ.

Some women have decided to be in prostitution where they have sex to earn money. It’s a sin because you may have sex with married men not knowing that’s adultery. Some women are being abused by their husbands. They are always emotionally, physically and sexually abused. Whenever they face challenges, they quickly move on and let all things go before they move to a better life.

Some women, if they know the husband has inheritance, will kill the husband in order to get all his inheritance. After death, they are in another game with new partners instead of mourning they have already moved on. Being a woman is hard if the challenges in life are like this; rape, abuse, rejection and other negatives. A lot are single mothers who manage to support their children doing hard work; they know their goal in life. But through all this it seems women are the strongest objects in life.