There was this girl called Phatho. She was a smart girl who knew where she was going in life. Suddenly all things changed when she failed Grade 10. She did not know what to do because she never knew what made her fail.

She read, obeyed the teacher’s rules and their decision but maybe that was not enough.

When she was in class one day she felt a negative energy but she did not take it seriously. One day when she was going to school, alone, a car nearly hit her but she did not take that seriously either. She thought it was her mistake and she let it go. A week after that, she was on her way to school and waiting for the cars to pass so she could cross. She looked in her hand bag for a second and when she looked up, she saw a car coming straight to her. She froze.

Luckily someone came and pushed her out of the way. When she fell she hit her head on a rock and the car stopped to take her to the hospital. She was unconscious. When she regained consciousness they called her parents to take her home. When she got home she asked who the person that had helped her was. Parents did not know. She asked her parents to search for the person.

They searched for the person and even asked the driver who took her to the hospital. The driver told them that the person died. They didn’t know how they were going to break the news to Phatho but they knew they have to tell her because she wanted to know so badly.

When they told her, she felt guilty. She slept for weeks, refusing food and not getting out of bed.

She started dreaming about the accident. She felt as if she was in it, seeing the whole thing; the driver and the person who saved her. One day as she was dreaming about it, she woke up and the person was sitting in front of her. She was so scared that she couldn’t move. But all of a sudden she regained strength and she asked the man what he wanted.

“I am the person who saved you. You know am glad I did but here you are feeling guilty out of nothing. When I was alive I used to take drugs. I had a little child I did not know how to raise, because I had no job. I was a student who took drugs, lied and did everything wrong. I never thought I would see Lord Jesus in my life. My life was messed up. But God gave me a second chance. When I saw that car coming towards you, I knew I had to do what I did. And now I’m dead living a happy life in my spirit. If I did not save you was I going to be forgiven? God has his own way of second chances. God sent me to tell you this. Get up, help others because they need you out there.”

She got up and bathed. The spirit told her where he stayed and that Phatho must tell his family that this was the destiny God gave him.

“You must tell my mom and my baby momma that I love them and I will always stay with them in my spirit.”

After that she talked to her family and they went and found the place. When they got there they explained what happed. When the family finally believed, the spirit appeared.

“Thank you for everything,” it said and then disappeared.

Phatho’s family gave that family half a million for the child support. When they got home she was ready to go back to school. She didn’t want to take the taxi; she wanted to walk with others. When she got to school she felt the negative energy when she sat down.

She felt as if she was in an accident. A taxi had crashed into a car and people were injured, some even died. She heard someone calling her name inside the taxi and when she looked, it was her teacher. Moments later the teacher died as she was sitting in front of the taxi without a seatbelt on.

She woke up from her dream state to find the teacher who was in her vision, standing in front of her.

She was worried and shocked by the dream that she couldn’t concentrate in any of her classes. When she got home she slept till the next day.

At assembly the next morning an announcement was made that a teacher had died in an accident. Phatho fainted when she heard. She was excused and went home immediately. She told her father everything and they decided she needed to go for counselling.

Her parents did not believe her; they thought she was going crazy. So she went to a teacher she trusted and told her too. She pretended to understand but Phatho knew that she didn’t believe her either. When she left the teacher called her parents and told them what happened. She agreed that she needed counselling, that she had trauma and guilt over the dead man and failing a grade.

Counselling was arranged and Phatho went.

The counsellor told her that things like that didn’t happen, but Phato just smilled.

“Your father is here.” Phato said to the counsellor. The counsellor didn’t believe her but he wanted amuse her, so Phatho continued. “Your father died in front of you. He died of a stroke in front of you and you felt guilty about it. You think you should have done something about it but you couldn’t.”

“How did you know about that?” the counsellor asked.

“Your father told me you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Don’t worry yourself out of nothing because he is at peace.”

The counsellor was so happy to hear that and thanked Phatho for everything. When Phatho touched the counsellor’s hands she had a vision. She saw that the counsellor wanted a husband and children. Phatho told her what she saw and the counsellor was crying.

Her parents and teacher went into the room to see what was taking so long. They found the counsellor crying. She told them what had happened and they said she had a calling.

So she decided to fast. After three days she dreamt of a sangoma beating up some kid in assembly while telling them they will work for him until the end of the world. Phatho’s mother woke her before she could finish that dream. When she woke up she bathed and got ready for school.

When she arrived at school she asked the principal to hire a prophet. She thought that the prophet might help. They called the priest. Before the priest came to the school, Phatho went to the assembly after people had gone home and started screaming, “You evil spirit show yourself. Show yourself you coward!”

The spirit came.

“You are a coward yourself,” said the spirit, “I can’t believe you asked for a priest. I’m stronger than any prophet in this world. And as a matter of fact, I will be a priest tomorrow and you are going to die – all of you. I will kill you with my prayer, the teachers won’t know. Just you and I will know that I’m killing all of you.” He said laughing and he vanished.

Phatho did not worry. She spent the whole night praying to God for strength and power. The next day at assembly a priest was preaching and when he saw Phatho he smiled. Phatho wasn’t afraid of him. As he preached, she moved to the middle of the learners and started praying silently. She continued to pray even when the priest said a spell, calling for other spirits.

Phatho grew stronger with every word she prayed and the priest was weak. The evil spirit wanted to hurt her and the rest of assembly. It was like an earthquake; people fell down and all kids of spirits were free. When it was all over the kids who had spirits knew that Phatho had saved them. They thanked her and left the assembly.

The whole school was free. When the evil spirit was destroyed, Phatho collapsed and they rushed her to the hospital. After three days she woke up and went home. The press and everyone else wanted to know more.

“I will help people in any way I can to make sure their lives are safe,” she said whenever they asked. “I thank God for this gift. I will protect it and make sure everything is fine.”


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