She was glancing at me with her hazel eyes while moving her shoulders vigorously yet gracefully to Sha Sha’s Akulaleki, despite the open Russian Bear bottle that was in her right hand. I desperately wanted to kiss her for the desire to do so had gripped me, leaving a sense of guilt etched in my soul. Until she wiped the alcohol off my lips with her thumb; also wiping away my ability to resist her temptations.

“Again!” playfully suggested Asonele.

Soon enough she pointed with a friendly gesture to the spot where I’d just planted the kiss. So I passed on the Shisha pipe and blew out some smoke towards Uzu and Zintle who were dancing intimately just in front of the TV stand, not so far from the table; adding to the sweet strawberry scent that had now colonised this beautifully decorated, sparingly furnished lounge.

Before I flirtatiously leaned towards her, intending to place another warm, heartfelt kiss on her soft cheek, just beside her smile; with a slightly brutal movement of the head, she nimbly turned and intercepted mine with her pretty, moist, plump ones which were covered in crimson lipstick. Just before she squirmed away and broke into a peal of laughter; inciting Thandi and Sethu’s ratchet giggles. A tipsy smile played about my lips as my heavy eyes pierced through the smoke, past the table, only to find Uzu and Zintle secretly arguing again.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” said Asonele as her warm strawberry breath jumped into my nostrils, her eyes still smiling at mine from beneath her beautifully furrowed brows.

“And there’s something I want to show you,” I whispered impetuously, as my Valentine’s contagious smile caught onto me.

She then briskly climbed onto my lap with a husky breath, encircled her hands around my neck before her lips injected a lustful craving into my mouth, before she stood and enticingly disappeared into the smoke. Leaving my tongue with some strawberry flavoured guilt, which I soon washed down by savouring some sour Jack Daniel’s. Thandi then slid closer and passed me the pipe, watched me persistently pull its smoke until it invaded my lungs, her afro shaking as she alongside Sethu, moved her shoulders gracefully to the song’s rhythm.

I stood, my sight blurry, feet heavy, throat burning; I went after Asonele.

Walking past the dimly lit passage, one particular door stood out as some light crawled out from beneath it, illuminating the bottom end of the passage. Once inside, she languidly blew me a kiss, tiptoed towards me and ambushed me with playful hungry kisses that slowly quickened my pulse, as they ardently gained passion as I eagerly returned them. My heart still pounding with guilt as our hands fumbled all over our bodies, hastily trying to help each other undress, trying to keep the kisses going despite me hungrily nibbling her succulent lower lip randomly. My hands slid across her back in a warm caress that ended above her buttocks.

Before I reached into my pocket I carried her to the bed with a fearful mind, only to hear my name being called out as the door slowly slid open.

Before me, three figures emerged and flicked the light on. That’s when I looked up and found my lovely Fifi with a shocked facial expression displayed upon her face, for she’d caught me red handed. My hand pulling a necklace towards Asonele’s neck from its small crimson box.

That’s when I adjusted my boxer shorts and rushed to the lounge. Alas I found my Fifi gone, though I was welcomed with the sight of Uzu’s harmful hand flying towards Zintle’s face, before it stung her cheek and made her gasp. She then looked at him with cynicism and disbelief in her teary eyes, before he yelled at her, “I’ll kiss and touch you whenever I want,” in a tone that silenced her like a slap to the mouth as she stood helpless, her hand rubbing against her cheek.

Her lips soon mumbled in defiance as Thandi and Sethu continuously cursed Uzu before he raised his hand again in that same violent manner. I felt the urge to jump in and intervene, for this time I’d learnt the consequences of not having a backbone. “Why can’t I?” was the thought that barged into my mind as I rushed in to stop another abusive slap.


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