Once upon a time there was a lovely, happy family; the Mashego family. They lived in a huge mansion home at Kamsogwaba Trust. There were seven members of the family; Mr and Mrs Mashego and their five beautiful children, three girls and two boys. They had everything they ever asked for.

Mr Mashego was a known and respected pastor. He was a committed family man and most of all he loved and feard God. Every Sunday everyone would go to church.

Kusile mkami,” would greet Mr Mashego.

Yebo sthandwa sami,” was often Mrs Mashego’s response.

The couple had grown old together and their love grew day by day. Most considered it true love. But Mrs Mashego wasn’t that happy as she had a deepest, dark secret which she kept in her heart. When she thought about her secret she would bow down and cry and pray.

After crying she would whisper and say, “Dear Lord, forgive me for I did it for the love of my family.”

Everything went well until Mr Mashego felt sick and developed some terrible rush on his body. His family suggested that he go see a doctor. He went and every sickness was tested for.

“Mr Mashego, your results have come back,” said the doctor.

Ngiphuthume bo dokodela uthini umphumela?” asked pastor Mashego.

“The results came back quite sensitive, I am still trying to understand them,” said the doctor.

“Please tell me my result before I lose my temper,” demanded Mr Mashego,

“Ok Mr Mashego, I’m sorry but the result came saying that you are…”

“I am what? Please doctor talk,”

“You are sterile. That means you are unable to make babies and you were never able to,” said doctor.

“How doc, because I have five children?” Asked Mr Mashego.

“The results never lie. Now go home and ask your wife to tell you the truth,”

Mr Mashego went straight to his home after talking to the doctor. He just went straight to his room and lay on the bed, tears running down his eyes as he thought about what his wife had done. And about the kids he raised thinking they were his. His thoughts were interrupted by his wife.

“My husband you are back,” greeted his wife.

“I am back,” answered Mr Mashego,

“Why are you tearing? Is there anything wrong?” asked his wife.

“Everything is wrong. But my wife what have I done wrong to you?” Pastor asked back.

“To me nothing my love,” answered his wife.

“OK. Who is the dad of your five children?”

“It is you love. And why do you call them my children because they are our children?”

“It is because I found out that I never had a child and I never will,”

Mrs Mashego started crying.

“Stop crying I’m asking.

“Baba I’m sorry,” pleaded Mrs Mashego.

“It’s too late for sorry now, don’t you think?”

“Now it’s time to dance for your music and tell me who is their dad?” asked pastor.

“Their father is your friend Mr Nkosi.”

“My friend? Okay, I won’t do anything stupid. I’ll just leave you in peace and you’ll go and fetch Nkosi. His children have grown they won’t give him a problem. I’m leaving, don’t follow me,” said pastor.

“But love I did it for our family so that we’ll be happy. I’m sorry,” said his wife.

“Wouldn’t we have been happy without children?” asked Mashego.

“We would but children bring more joy,” answered his wife.

“Now I’m leaving, stay with your joy. I’m not taking anything just my clothes and stay with the rest,”

He went away and after a week he came back with the divorce papers. Mrs Mashego was dying slowly because of stress and she started to be a laughing stock she become skinny and poor while Mr Mashego was recovering, asking strength from God.

He built another beautiful home and he took another wife. After a year, before they married, he told her that he can’t make babies and he doesn’t want her to cheat in order to give him babies.

The End