A story of a young women who was able to escape from a difficult past to make a success of life.
Warona Masemola, an incredible independent woman from a small town in Soweto, lived with her Grandmother and her siblings after her mother died in a gigantic accident in a taxi on her way to work. She was only 12 years old when her mother died and life was hard for them as they depended on her grandmother who sold fat cakes.

When Warona was about 18 years old, she worked as a waitron in a small restaurant during the holidays just to earn money, so she could pay for her studies. Fortunately enough she managed to finish her matric. After doing so well, she was given a bursary to study further. That was the highlight, during that time it was something to be proud of. In a period of about 16 years she managed to finish her studies, graduated and became an Optometrist by profession. She helped her siblings through school. Unfortunately, her grandmother died before she could see her success, but luckily, she was there for her graduation. She became very successful before the age of 35.

Warona is truly inspiring, an extraordinary woman and very remarkable. She invested almost half of her earnings in various health organisations, and by giving back to her community she established two libraries in Soweto. She even donated R500 000 to schools back home. She motivated young people about life and even wrote a book titled: From Hero to Zero.
Her path wasn’t always easy but she kept believing that one day she would make a difference.


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