My father came home from work to find me on the brink of death. He found me with a knife in the kitchen. I threatened that if he got any closer, I would cut my throat.

“Why are you doing this Son?” he asked.
“Have you ever loved someone so much that you felt purposeless when they left?”
“Put the knife down Son. Love must always hurt.”
“If I do, will you take away all of my pain and memories?”
“I can’t.”
“Then goodbye, Dad.”
“Son. Pain is a constant reminder that we are human.”
“Make it stop Dad! I can’t no more!”
“To be human is a gift. But we must embrace its curse also. Put the knife down, Son.”
“You are too late to play the father-son relationship.”
“I failed you as your father. Don’t fail those who love you. Don’t let the legacy of failures continue.”