I grew up as a saint, yes you heard that – a saint. Each and every day I would go to church and I really loved my God. Our relationship was perfect,with him everything was possible. In the township I would see criminals, prostitutes, drunkards, junkies etc. All of them were doing what’s against God’s laws, neither of them cared about God’s law.

Teenagers my age also didn’t believe in the gospel. I was the only one who had salvation. Boys liked me and ended up hating me because it.

Well that was until I met this boy who was a little taller than I, neither good nor bad looking. I really liked him or should I say loved him? Yea I really loved him! He also didn’t believe in the word of the Lord, he was smoking.  Surprisingly, I loved him more when he was drunk.

With him around everything was just perfect. One day he asked me to bunk church and I did as he had asked me. I was trying to impress him and make him happy. Then eventually I skipped church at least three times a month, then I stopped going to church at all.

I started coming home late at night and lied to my mother about studying. He then asked me to break what was the most precious thing to me and that was my virginity, but I refused.

I started to date more guys and I was proud to say that under my name I had seven boyfriends and I liked every minute with them. I loved how good I was at lying to them and they were all stupid enough to believe me.

One day I decided to break my precious thing with my first boyfriend and I did, suddenly I did it with all my boyfriends – they all ditched me after that. How can I be so stupid? How can I date friends and think that they wouldn’t know about it, I guess I was the one who had been played. I really thought I was the player but I was not. I was the game and they were all players.

I decided to go to the clinic and luckily I was not pregnant. Wait for it, wait for it – I was HIV positive. Ow yes I was and I had to take medicine each and every day, but I thought who was I to do that. I mean hell no, there’s no way I am doing that.

I ended up losing weight and smoking whoonga, yes I did. I would smoke five times a day.Where did I get the money from? I don’t know but I would have money to buy whoonga everytime I needed it.

Now as I am writing this I am sick and I have few days left in this world. I guess no one’s perfect. I thought I was but I was wrong. I mean who am I to forsake the Lord like that? Who am I to forget the salvation like that? Who am I to lie to my mother like that? Who am I to judge?

Through all my life experience I’ve learnt that no one’s perfect and no one should judge others for their wrong doings. You just have to correct them from their wrong doings.