Sometimes a person gets confused. It is easy to not know what you want in life. One minute you want to be a doctor and the next minute a landscaper or something that is just out of the scope. It is not easy to set your mind on one thing. You just feel as if you are losing the plot. You just sit down and think until your mind is about to explode. You think of what will make you a successful woman or man.

Everyone wants to be that person that everyone envies, the one everyone wishes to be. It seems to be difficult, especially when your family does not support you. Like when your family wants you to be a doctor, and when you say you want to be an actress or one of those careers that people are not used to, they dismiss it. It is like they are going to live your life, which no one can. Even identical twins that have the same DNA sequences cannot think alike, cannot act the same. Everyone has a different brain with different brain networks. Everyone has the right to think for themselves. No one can get into your mind and see what you are thinking. It’s better to look at the opportunities and never let anyone lead you astray.

Our parents want the best to happen to us, but they do not want us to take opportunities. They fear for us, but where were we when they made their own mistakes? They fell and picked themselves up. But we are not given even a single chance. I believe that parents should learn to trust us. We can never disappoint them deliberately. We just need direction. We just want to be who we are by not pretending to be people that we are not. Being who we are will just bring happiness in our hearts. Being happy with yourself is a wealth that no one can take away from us, even if harsh words are meant to shatter us. Getting support from our parents will be like Christmas every day of the year. An oath was never taken in the documents, it has to be taken from the heart. Thank your parents for loving us.


Tell us: Do your parents support your goals and dreams?