Feeling hurt and empty inside. Hopeless and powerless with nobody by your side, all you can rely on is a mirror to reflect if you physically show that you are carrying a heavy load on your shoulders.

Feeling used, hurt and devalued. Crying until your eyes become sore, until crying no longer helps. Memories of people breaking you flashing in your mind. You find yourself unable to trust because the last time you did you were hurt, and the wounds from those incidents are still unable to heal. You start thinking about people who said they’d always be there as your support system, but left, and they are now nowhere to be found.

You find yourself trying to be emotionally strong and saying, “I’m OK,” even if you are actually not. Physically, you wear a smile so wide that nobody actually notices that you are just a walking zombie. There is nobody by your side and all you can rely on is a mirror as it doesn’t lie and will always be there when you need it.


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