Many people desire being in relationships, without having a hint what it is all about.

There are different ways to love somebody. Take, for instance, real love. Real love is when both parties in a relationship have the same aspect of thinking of a future together, this really means getting married, starting a family and so on.

Most people have this imagination about all these things without looking at the type of work involved or responsibility or the commitment required. To love someone, really love someone who really loves you, is all about being a good, supportive, and caring partner, knowing how to understand and compromise. And, mostly, it’s about not trying to change the type of a person who your partner is. You should accept your partner for who he or she is without trying to change them.

There is this particular phrase which I like. It says, “To be the right person and find real love, you must develop your boundaries.” Know what you stand for before you have to stand for it.

This means: make sure you know what would be a deal breaker for you – and make sure you break the deal if it happens. Real love communicates in a healthy way. By saying this, I mean that healthy relationships are about forthright and honest communication, not to forget loyalty and trust.

Most of all, people in a relationship should not forget that real love requires goals, both individually and also as a couple. Like, you have to see a way forward in a relationship. If not, then obviously the relationship won’t last long.

You have to have plans and dreams. You should actually assist
each other in accomplishing your hopes and dreams as individuals and as a couple. There are misunderstandings, upsets and disappointments in every relationship.

Real love and loving relationships are consistent. By saying this, I mean that they aren’t always easy, but they tend to run smoothly simply because there will be hard work put into them. So to all of you out there who are in a relationship, I am saying keep your life balanced.

If you give up what you love you would actually look around one day and realise you can’t leave your relationship because you have nothing.


Tell us: What is important to you in building relationships?