Lucy was the only child living in the Johnson’s residence. Her mother was Gloria Johnson but she lived her with her grandparents while she furthered her studies at University of Cape Town. Her grandparents, Joyce Johnson and Crosby Johnson, were both principals. Every morning before they went to work Lucy’s grandmother would change Lucy’s nappy, feed her and wrap Lucy in a blanket with a bottle of warm milk on the couch and then they would lock the door.

Lucy’s grandparents were able to fulfill Lucy’s needs, she didn’t lack anything. She had what every child ever dreamed of; she had all the toys you could think of in her playroom. She enjoyed the love of her grandparents, whereby her grandmother was the mother figure and her grandfather the father figure.

Gloria graduated with her Degree in Education. The first school she taught at was St Francis Xavier, but she always came back home to visit Lucy on weekends. Whenever she would get home she would shout,” Lucy! Lucy! I am home! Look what I have for you!” Lucy would rush to her mother to give her big hug and a kiss on her forehead.

Whenever it was time for Gloria to go back to work, Lucy would walk her mother to the bus-stop and would wait for her to get on the bus and bid her goodbye. But as Lucy was returning home, she bumped into Mrs. Smith and Miss Kingston.

Lucy was very tired as it was a very hot day. It felt as if you were in an oven. Lucy greeted them happily, “Hello there Mrs. Smith and Miss Kingston.”

“Hello Lucy dear,” they both replied lovingly,

“Lucy, where is your father?” Mrs. Smith asked poor Lucy.

“I don’t have a father!” Lucy replied, so confidently that Mrs. Smith and Miss Kingston burst out laughing.

“Sweety, every child has a father and a mother, so we suggest you ask your mother where your father is,” Mrs. Smith responded.

Lucy got home and waited angrily for her grandparents to return from work but due to the intense heat she fainted on the spot. As Lucy woke up, she looked around only to find out she was at the hospital with her grandparents and mother by her side. Gloria and both grandparents asked lovingly, “How are you feeling baby girl?”

“Where is my father?” asked Lucy immediately. Her family was shocked, no one answered her.

“Mom where is Dad?” Lucy began to cry.

“It’s time to tell her the truth, be strong my child you can do it,” Joyce said to Gloria. Gloria just broke down next to Lucy and said, “I am sorry my baby, I am sorry I couldn’t protect your father. Your father passed away when you were just two months old.”

Lucy’s heart skipped a beat. She was trembling and that one moment changed her life, she wished that her mother was lying. She hoped that she was just dreaming. Lucy realised that she would never get to even embrace his presence or feel his presence. She cried her eyes out and lashed out at her grandparents, “You know what I realised is that sometimes life is unfair!”


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