Just think about it

What do you think will happen if every source (like electricity, technology or water) in the world decided to shut down? Will we die from the lack of them or die because we no longer have control over them?
We seem to like control, we control our bodies, remotes and so forth. We can’t sleep without controlling someone or something. But what surprises me is that we can’t control life, temptations and challenges.

We spend more time thinking we are creating solutions, but reality is, we are creating more problems. Just think about it…
One intelligent guy came up with idea of inventing the aeroplane, so relatives who live far from each other, who can’t really talk physically, can meet each other. That is actually a brilliant idea but that solution is a problem for most countries where terrorists, smugglers and many can come to bring threats. Not to mention what aeroplanes contribute to atmosphere.

Another solution is cell phones – we can talk, play and do business. A nice solution but the problem is mostly teenagers, because they are exposed to content that is not good for them. Cell phones can also create a lack of communication between families because everyone is focusing on their cell phones even in the dinner table.
I hate this but there are many solutions that are the problem in the world and human intelligence seems to create more. I think it’s better to have a peaceful world where no one is more intelligent, better or richer than other people.

Brilliant people are now focusing on artificial intelligence. What will happen when those robots realise that they are the ones doing all the work and thinking? Don’t you think they will want to take control of the world the way our brains did?


Tell us: What part of technology do you think has taken over the world?