It was only two weeks since I arrived in Cape Town. I was new to the place but I was not a Kasi girl. I met her in some party that my girlfriend had invited her to. My girlfriend, Sandisiwe, was acting childish and immature, approaching every girl and flirting with everyone.

I was closer with Sandy’s friend, Sanele, than I was with Sandy. I was hurt by the things Sandy was doing and Sanny didn’t know that Sandy and I were in a relationship. I had already seen that Sanny had the hots for me from the time she met me. When I told her about Sandy and I, she started to back-off a little but still couldn’t hide away her feelings.

Everything I did that night I did with Sanny and everywhere she went she wanted to go with me. Weird thing is, Sandy didn’t even seem to care about that. Sanny took my numbers and went home early. Sandy and I stayed at the party. Sanny wanted me to go with her and I wanted the same thing, but we couldn’t, not just like that.

After Sanny left I felt lonely and bored, while Sandy was busy flirting. Eventually we decided to go sleep at my place. She woke up the next morning and went home. When Sandy arrived home we spoke over the phone. We decided to breakup.

Sanny and I started dating and spending a lot of time together. She has a good heart but can be harsh at times. Our relationship is still going strong and I love her.

As for Sandy, we don’t even talk anymore even though I thought I loved her.