Fighting! All we ever seem to do is fight. We fight for everything in life; everything is a battle. I’m in a battle, a battle against souls. Beautiful souls from heaven above stored in a human body. I’m fighting against people, my people.

We’re all in a race, a race to the future. A promised future, promised by our dreams. I sacrifice, we sacrifice for this life. But the biggest fear we have is getting to the finish line and realising we sacrificed everything for nothing. I share that fear but am fighting against that fear. I never speak, my thoughts are my language.

My dreams are my comfort. I dream to write the unspoken; the phantoms of my heart. I live for that dream. That’s my dream, a perfect dream.

“Not everyone can follow their dreams, some of us have to work,” said my father.

I think he was scared, scared to take the next step. He chose to work, I choose to dream. I’m alive this way. I prefer long nights over long days because that’s when my life has purpose. I get to dream dreams. My mind shows me things that life will never show me, but will give me if I’m willing.

I smile during daylight and act like it’s my favourite time in the world. This is pain to me because all I seek is the moonlight, the night. I find my storyline then. I am a dreamer. Before every sunshine I humble myself for the day by saying, “My only motivation in life is knowing that my dreams are going to come true someday.”

I can see my dreams. They are seconds apart.