We have been strong for so long. We have built a castle from the river of pain. It looks vibrant and rich, but it is actually the walls that’s shutting everyone out of our life. Gradually we become a loner and a heart once full of love becomes stranger to a place it once welcomed.

We express joy on our face and hide the misery of our inner emotions. The day is bright and beautiful, but it’s dark and scary in us. We walk down the street covered in fine linens, boldly taking every step hoping to find freedom.

We heard the voice of truth and the voice of lies calling us, but the echoes of hate and anger block our ears. The hand of help comes stretching across to us, offering redemption, but we tightly hold onto the hand of destruction believing we are masters of ourselves.

Along the path, our legs tremble in fear and our mind is lost in thoughts, but we open our mouth and smile. Blending our lips with our face and widely open our eyes, giving an impression that we are energetic.

This is you and this is me. We believe we are happy when we are not. We are lonely, missing somebody, depressed, hurt, scared, facing a personal giant or have a secret buried deep in us. We are all fighters who have refused to rise up and fight our demons believing we are powerless.


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