I am now 17, and I am 100% certain that I have been through it all. I have done the bad, and things that will make your skin crawl with fear because I did them with absolutely no guilt. With that said, let me take you through the steps of me trying to find myself.

I was born on 456 August, 1302. I had no mother and no father, just a guardian. His name was Rob, and he never got old. Well, he never allowed himself to get old. I never went to school. Well, I did but it did not count because of what happened on my first day of “Big school”.

Rob always said he wanted me to have a “normal” upbringing.

There was a girl at school who was out to get me. She was fully human, chubby, and she had things called “hair” growing out of her head. It looked scary, but it was also beautiful. They called it an “Afro”, and it took a while to learn how to pronounce it. One day, I was sitting at my table by myself, wearing a pink Chadaree because Rob had said I should never take it off.

“You are unique, so you have to wear this, or you will be punished. Not by me, but THEM,” he said.

Me being a child, I obviously listened to Rob. I thought about why I was different, though, and whether it would be such an issue to “THEM” if I were to show them the real me. But I knew that would never happen.

Anyway, back to the girl.

She came up to me, looking all kinds of nasty, or so I thought. I was freaking out, and whenever I freaked out, it did not look pretty. I then started playing with my toys on the table and fidgeting with them. After a while, I heard her speak, and she was insulting me, but I did not want to pay any notice to her because I was both scared and mad.

Things quickly turned for the worst when the girl reached for my Chadaree, wanting to take it off. I jumped up and attempted to walk away, but she pulled my arm in an attempt to make me stop walking. My heartbeat grew very fast when that happened, and I felt something happening. I then quickly retaliated, took out my sharp robot hand, and ran in through her neck.

After a while, I realised that the girl’s head was on the floor, and blood was oozing out of her neck. Her body then fell, and everyone screamed.

Minutes later, Rob came for me, and I was expelled from all the schools in the district. We even had to move into a different house. “I didn’t want this day to come, but it is here, so let me show you,” Rob said while we were going to lunch. He then reached for the brakes in order to park the car on cloud road P145.

I was confused, and as if he sensed it, he hypnotised me. I then fell into a thick sleep, and went to the day my parents died.

While sleeping, I saw her. She was my mother, I think. She was young, pregnant, and human like. She was in her bedroom, then suddenly she was with a man on the kitchen floor, trying to wake him up. “Is that Rob?” I asked myself, but the guy lying there was … he was not human nor robot!

It felt like I knew the people I was looking at. I wanted to help them, but I could not move. “Wait, what? She wants to kill herself! I cannot let her do it,” I thought to myself. “Noooo!” I screamed, hoping she would hear me, but with no avail.

I then saw the woman climbing on the chair. “She can’t do this. She’s carrying me, remember?” I suddenly thought, then sank to the floor. The woman then hanged herself, and one moment later, I saw Rob getting in. I quickly jump to him, hoping he could help, but it was like he did not see me.

“Rob, Rob, help her, she’s dying and …” I said, but he could not hear me. He was just standing there, not helping my mother. “Rob! Help,” I screamed.

After a while, I saw Rob taking the dog into his hands. The dog then spoke to him, telling him how he had finished the job like planned, but the man on the floor. It was not uncommon to see a talking dogs, so I relaxed.

Before we knew it, my father woke up and I was very glad because I thought that, maybe he would help my mother. But, instead of doing that, he took off his face mask and revealed another species I did not know. He then told Rob about how painful it was to pretend to love the woman, and how he would hate to take up on another job like that.

I then realised that Rob had my mother killed. I was hyperventilating, and I needed to know who my father was. Before I knew it, I was having a seizure. I then woke up in the car with Rob, screaming my lungs out. Rob was next to me, scared that he might have revealed more than he needed to. I was angry, and I wanted to rip his CPU and motor out of his body. I did it. I killed Rob when I was 12 years and …


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