I’ve lied much. I’ve got much experience in it. I’ve tasted the lie that changes your colour like a chameleon. I’ve tasted the blazing sour truth that gives no peace. I’ve studied all the reactions you’re going through when you’re high as a jet.

I respect the eyes cos evil and good comes from them. What the eyes see is what defiles or fruitfully maintains the body. If the eye sees darkness, the whole body is in darkness. If it sees light thus the body is in brightness. It is true that we mostly lie for our reputation’s maintenance.

We all want to be known for good. We all want to be greatly acknowledged for goodness. It’s the right thing but it breaks one’s trust. Yes, we do lie to buy one’s trust.

The bad thing about it is once caught everything breaks down. Everything scatters eventually no matter how long the secret has been hidden. In my opinion, women are the best liars! A mother is the only one who knows who impregnated her. She could lie and give the pregnancy to the wrong man.

Women mostly lie to be seen as pure as gold, whereas they’re broken diamonds. They want to be valuables whereas they don’t even cost more than petrol. They just want to be classic though they’re just lost orphans.

Women will claim to have never been touched just to buy your trust and manipulate your mind. She could tell you you’re her future while she’s planning the future with someone else. She may give you her body and still share it with other men.

That’s life. We live it and women are men’s targets. Men lie to protect themselves, their families and their loved ones. Men lie to raise their standards. Every man wants to be seen as great and be respected.

Every man needs a great and valuable property. And they might lie to achieve that. Every man needs a beautiful big house.

Every man needs an expensive car, every man needs money. And every man needs love. Every man needs honour and success. A man can bet to sacrifice with a soul, with blood just to be rich and be honoured. A man can rather go through sleepless nights just to be rich. Those are the kinds of secrets men hide. Those are the lies they may hide in their dark and cruel hearts.

Every man needs a beautiful wife. He might lie to score points and be accepted. You’ll find a poor guy pretending to be rich to her just to be loved. You’ll see a guy borrowing fine expensive clothes from friends just so she can accept him. You’ll find a guy lying to her that his father owns businesses while he is just a ploughing man in the farm. Yeah we all lie, it’s true!