As a township girl I have always had this negativity around me. This negativity only came from me. I was my own worst enemy. I had always been this chubby, short, and dark-skinned girl with pimples all over my face. I have avoided places with those cheese-boys. I was always down when I had to go to the shops. I just wanted to be in my own world.

I had few friends and I always felt down when I was around them. I was dark and they were yellow bones; we were a wrong combination. They got attention and I did not. All of this negativity changed when I met this new girl at our school. She was chubbier than I was and she had amazing confidence and it was bigger than herself. She wore clothes that I would not wear. She did drama and she was even good at netball; the sport I thought was for the tiny bodies. She was athletic despite her body.

Her name was Sarah. She was the daughter of a businessman who owned bottle stores around my township. I did not know that until I became friends with her.

It was during break time and I was standing alone. The thing is, I had become tired of my light-skinned friends and stopped hanging out with them. But was I being a jerk for that? I was just standing there under a tree and she was as bubble as ever. She came to me.

“Are you OK?” she asked. I turned around and wanted to see who was talking to me. I was surprised and she must have seen it. “I am sorry, I scared you, I did not mean to do that,”

I told her it was OK. She asked me if I was waiting for someone and I said no.

She said I looked lonely. “I’m the newcomer in this school, I should have the long face.” I smiled. “Let’s go get ourselves some cool drink,” she said.

I lied and said I didn’t have the money. All I wanted was to save some moola; I would sacrifice some things I wanted just to save. She said it was okay, she would buy. I thanked her sheepishly.

“Oh where are my manners? My name is Sarah, you are?”


“Are you also a new girl?” she asked and I just did not know what to say. If I said no she would ask why I did not have friends and I would have to tell her that I abandoned them for my selfish reasons. I told her everything and she still accepted me. The following week we went to the movies and we had a great fun.

We enjoyed pop music and we liked Taylor Swift. We were a match made in heaven; you would swear we are sisters. She made me to be myself. I love her for that. We will get through these teenage years together and she would give me fashion advices. Once I get a guy that I like, she will dress me for the date. How fantastic is that? Life is sure to be sweet.


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