I’ve lived with my family my whole life and now I have the chance to get away from them for a few months to years but then this lockdown happened, you’ve got to be kidding me.

At first, I didn’t want to accept all these things. That the Coronavirus (COVID-19) exists and the country has to go on a national lockdown. It felt like a dream, we’d have to close schools and I have to go back home. I should wake up soon; this is not a nightmare. #StayAtHome was on everyone’s feed. I wasn’t asleep, this was real.
“Now I have to deal with Aunty everyday again? What about Gogo’s cattle? The chores every day? Or worse, who knows what could happen in that place?” I thought to myself.
I had to accept this lockdown. Smh, like I had any other choice.

Things turned out in the most unexpected way. I can now say the lockdown isn’t such a horrible situation after all. I can proudly say my family aren’t the worst people to be locked down with. I am so grateful, it’s like we finally understand each other. We can now calmly speak our minds without getting on each other’s nerves. My aunt ain’t a bad person after all, Gogo’s cattle isn’t such a big deal after all. I do my chores every day, they aren’t a big deal.
“Doing your chores every day is a good habit, Mpilo,” my mother would say.


Tell us: How has lockdown been for you?