Me and three of my friends were sitting in my room at hostel talking. Just then my mom called. I put her on loudspeaker so that the rest of my friends could also talk to her while i was getting dressed. I listened to her and didn’t concentrate on what I was doing. I had my underwear and my top on when I took the phone off the loudspeaker and started talking to my mom. Out of the blue my friends started laughing at me. I was so confused: they just kept staring and laughing at me. Eventually I told my mom to hold on. “What’s wrong, what are you laughing at?” I asked my friends.

One friend laughed so hard she fell on the floor. Then she stood up and told me to look at my underwear.

Not only had I put my panties on inside out but I had them back to front as well. I was so embarrassed. I quickly started putting on my pants, but with the phone in my hand I was unstable and I tripped over my own feet with one leg inside my pants. I fell flat on my back. I started laughing and couldn’t stop. After about three minutes I realised my mom was still on the phone and she had heard everything. That weekend at home I was the laughing stock of my family braai.