I met Ryan on Facebook and liked him the moment we started talking via messages. After we exchanged numbers on FB we decided it would be better if we conversed through WhatsApp. Our conversations on WhatsApp became serious and intimate instantly. I had never met him yet I was so comfortable sharing my most inner secrets with him. He sounded caring and loving in his messages. It felt as like he understood me.

Weeks passed and with every new day I couldn’t wait to get a moment of privacy so that I could text him. My affection for him grew more with each conversation we had. I felt the connection we had and hoped that he felt it too. I decided to write him a poem titled: ‘Something so brand new’ and recited it to him over WhatsApp. A week later he sent me a story that he wrote titled: “A story poem for Bella.”

I saw a distant star, it was big and round. It was black with a white rim on its edges.
Then you came, a round smile framing your face.
You looked at me with those round and beautiful eyes.
When you spoke your voice came as sweet as a thousand rain drops in the forest of love.
You always listen to your brain because your heart disappoints you sometimes.
Does your heart reflect me? I wonder certain moments.

Your brain stores many momentous but your heart stays unchanged.
Love filters around you, you chose not to be fooled by it.
Instead, you become love, so strong yet, so new.
When I looked into the mist I found a butterfly as beautiful as you are.
Love has to come, love has to go you chose to follow you heart.
Love is like an instrument that plays a beautiful sound, that’s what I found in you.
These words may not be new to you, but I love you.
Sometimes three words are all you need,
I understand you if you don’t feel the same way, the chain is at your door.

I couldn’t believe that I had fallen for someone I had never met before.
Each time we speak I can’t believe how true your words speak to me.
I baldly want to tell you how I feel about you, but I’m scared.
My heart has been broken so many times; I don’t want that to be so now.
Although I know I can’t afford to fall in love with you, I realised that I already have.
Therefore I have decided to stop us communicating with each other.


Tell us what you think: Do you think Ryan was also in love?