Unemployment is a serious social and economic issue facing South Africa and this can be resolved through job creation. Schools should teach from a young age something that will benefit the learners and the economy in the future, like how to start a business. They should also teach about financial literacy, and the different ways of building wealth.

A lot of people are financially illiterate, they do not know how to use money wisely. They do not know how to invest or how to build wealth. That should change!

There are a lot of graduates who are unable to find employment and that issue sometimes comes from choosing the wrong course or one with few job opportunities. Research needs to be done before choosing a particular course.

We should encourage young people to start businesses and be entrepreneurs. There should also be a change in the educational system. We should ask ourselves whether what we’re teaching learners at schools is really going to benefit them and the country’s economy.

Having more entrepreneurs will make things easier for our future generations. Your children and grandchildren will be able to inherit that business you’ve opened or are planning to. Let them not suffer like we did, your children and grandchildren can’t inherit your degree/diploma. Let’s encourage each other to open businesses. We need to see change when it comes to unemployment.


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