Well, never in my life have I thought I’d meet an innocent soul like you. You completed me before I could patiently mould a rigid relationship with you. You were so perfect in every angle. I had never found your grubby side.

I had been spying on you for years. I had cold feet every time you passed by me. It was so sad that you had to leave earth for good – so juvenile. Since then, I had been sobbing. I miss your smile, that when you flashed, my heart would jump in pleasure. I miss your voice that tickled my heart every time I heard it. It was a sweet melody to my ears. I miss those dimples appearing on your face when you laughed like an angel. If I had power from superstition, I would have returned you and pour my heart to you.

You were so stunningly beautiful. You were amazing, unique and authentic. I admired you from a distance. I always made sure that I was close to you. I would laugh at all jokes you made, because you had that comedian accent. Yes, you had the gift of the gab. I wanted our children to inherit that, beauty and good manners from you. I had so much to do with you in future. The problem was with me. I always became a mute when I had to seize the opportunity presenting itself for me to have a word with you.

My other half, I am sorry that I never got the courage to confess my feelings to you whilst you were still around. I am deeply hurt that I never approached you, never greeted you, or even wink at your direction as a sign of being totally into you. At your funeral, I was there to say goodbye for the last time. I was the one who sang with his heart, who wished that your soul might rest in eternal peace. I was the one who dug your last home and covered you with the soil. I made sure that the grass sing a wonderful song to accompany you to heaven.

I will be okay, I promise. Nothing beats time to heal.

I lost someone very special to me, before I could speak out to her. Well, I wish that it might not happen to others out there. Please tell those you love the truth about your feelings towards them, before their trumpet is blown. Time waits for no man.


Tell us: Do you have someone special you’d like to say something to? What do you want to say to them?