Lwazi and Nomsa knew they were tying the knot, yet it felt so unreal to them. The joy in their faces was inexplicable as they watched, with astonishment and awe, their graciously dressed families, acquaintances, business associates and dignitaries who had attended their wedding. Everything was going right, the catering, the lights and the sound system were perfect but they cared not much about glamour. What was of significance to them was that they were being given a chance to love each other, through thick and thin, till death did them part. They both were determined to make use of it. The pastor, having finished eating some delicacies, asked to have a word in private with them.

“My children,” he said. “I know I’ve said enough during the ceremony but I have to get this off my chest. I have officiated many weddings for different couples but you made me the happiest. The love you have for each other is written all over your faces, which is a rarity and your actions emphasise it. This all feels so right. With these words I say, may you keep on loving and being patient with one another. Do everything together and always communicate.”

Tears of joy rolled down Nomsa’s cheeks, and Lwazi squeezed her hand gallantly ensuring her that all would be alright.

Lwazi and Nomsa would have raucously laughed if someone had told them they would get married one day. They were total strangers living their different lives. That was until the day they started debating in a post by a mutual friend on a social network. Hloni, the mutual friend, in his post, had asked whether it was alright for a partner to be jealous in a relationship. Lwazi commented that jealousy was a cousin to insecurity, and so being jealous may dilute the relationship or destroy it completely.

However, Nomsa argued that being jealous meant that one had deeply fallen in love, and was afraid of losing the one they were in a relationship with. That is different from being insecure. She went on to say that the trick was to control the jealousy to avoid quarrels and disagreements. Lwazi was fascinated by Nomsa’s philosophy. Although she was antagonizing him at the instant, he felt as though he had known her for years. He just excessively liked her. Of course, he knew better than to like a stranger, especially on social networks, but he was captured by her beauty. Not of the flesh but her heart and wavelength.

Lwazi was devastated as Nomsa wasn’t responding to any of his texts. He thought texting her would be the first step to getting to know her better. As he kept on politely pestering her, Nomsa finally succumbed to conversing with a stranger who thought jealousy was synonymous to insecurity. They spent hours chatting about stuff of no real significance, they were careful not to open up about their personal lives to strangers.

Finally, Lwazi had the pluck to ask Nomsa to meet with him face to face. This, he said, would allow them to finish the debate about jealousy. To his astonishment she agreed on a condition that she was to choose the place and time. Lwazi could barely sleep because of overflowing happiness, but he had some fear for everything seemed to be transpiring momentarily. His friend, Maxwell, who was also in business like him, mocked him for thinking that something good could come out of a friendship commenced on social media.

Nomsa was analysing herself in the mirror, preparing to go, when her mother stood next to the door with a sarcastic smile on her face.

“Why take this trouble to beautify yourself for a stranger, Nomsa?” her mother asked.

“Oh mother! As a businesswoman, I ought to look presentable. It has become a habit by now,” Nomsa responded.

“As far as I know this might be a setup for an evil deed. You of all people should know this, Nomsa.”

“Mother that thought crossed my mind but I know what I am doing. Thanks for your concern, by the way, but I am not a child any longer.”

“Well, you’ll always be one to me.”

Nomsa and her mother giggled happily as she embraced her on her way out to meet Lwazi. He also dressed himself charmingly for the occasion though he didn’t care much about his appearance.

”Lwazi,” Maxwell had advised him, “You ought to look after your shoes as a businessman.”

“Max spare me, please. Are shining shoes going to bag all those lucrative business contracts?”

The two friends had heartily laughed at this rhetorical question.

Lwazi and Nomsa sat opposite each other in the library. They exchanged pleasantries. Lwazi was intimidated by Nomsa’s beauty. He couldn’t help but gaze at her eyes which manoeuvred softly as if they were forced. The euphony of her voice made him tremble with admiration and everything was perfect about this belle. Not was she only beautiful inside out but she was also intelligent, Lwazi perceived.

“Why did you, out of all the places, choose the library as our meeting place?” Lwazi asked of her.

“Firstly, the library is the safest and noblest of places in society. And lastly, I feel safer in a place that has books all over even when I find myself conversing with strangers who think jealous is a cousin to insecurity.”

They laughed softly getting comfortable around with each other.

“You had a point in your comment about jealousy, Nomsa. I’ve come to view things in your perspective,” Lwazi said.

“The only excusable jealousy is that of love, Lwazi. It is excusable to become jealous towards the one you adore not because someone has more advantages or works harder than you do. Jealousy is a sign of deep, uncontrollable affection. There’s no true love without jealousy, to use a cliché.”

Lwazi knew that if he didn’t tell Nomsa about what was tormenting him in his heart he might bitterly regret it forever.

”Nomsa… I have a malady that only you have the remedy for. The malady is love, and the remedy is you. I love you,” Lwazi articulated.

“We barely know each other. How can you love a stranger?” asked Nomsa.

“That’s how love is Nomsa. Some people we love at first sight and others we love them with time, after we’ve fallen in love with their personalities. Mine, for you, is love at first sight.”

Nomsa and Lwazi spent many memorable moments together thereafter. Not only were they both in business but also had more things in common. Everyone who saw them together observed how compatible they were. They too couldn’t believe that it had all started with a post on social media but what they knew was that they were created for each other. Their souls were one. After a year of being insanely in love they got married and never looked back again.


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