It’s been a year since my mom passed away. It hasn’t been easy but by the grace of God I am still breathing with my two little princesses.

Mpho agreed to meet with me just, after my mother’s funeral he came to my place and found me laying there hopelessly on an empty stomach.

“I’m really sorry,” I said, “I was stupid and selfish. I was overwhelmed with the whole varsity thing. I couldn’t stand looking at my friends who got expensive gifts from their boyfriends while mine was unemployed and dependent on his parents. They changed weaves every two weeks while I couldn’t even relax my hair. When Oskido came, everything changed.

“I started fitting in, I got everything I could ever wish for and I forgot about you. But look where that led me, I lost everything, and for what? A piece of diamond, weaves, a car that wasn’t even mine. I wanted to be the “IT” girl and lost sight of the real reason I was at varsity in the first place. I literally sold myself for nothing. I’m really sorry, Mpho, I’m asking for a second chance. I just want you to forgive me for every little thing I put you through, so that I can find peace, and be able to raise my twins with love.”

He then responded, “I forgave you a long time ago, Itu. I didn’t come here to laugh at you or to return all the bad things you did, that is all in the past. I came here to tell you that my fiancé and I will help you with your kids, at least until you’re back on your feet. Stop sulking and blaming yourself for stupid things you did in the past. Your mom is not here to nurture you anymore. Stand up and do it for your pretty little girls.”

“I hear you,” I said. “Thank you so much for your forgiveness and everything, I appreciate your help.”

Since then, Mpho and his fiancé have been so helpful in terms of buying baby diapers, milk and clothes. I, on the other hand, stood up for myself and found a retail job. I’m saving up for my study fees as I’m returning to school next year.

One day I received a message on Facebook, it said:

Hi. I looked for you everywhere, thank God I found you. I heard about the twins, our twins. I just hope they are OK. Around December last year I was involved in a car accident, I lost my left hand and both legs, I had to drop out this year. I know I did horrible things to you and the other girls. I deserve all that’s happened. I’m writing this with shame and pain, from being the “most wanted guy” to being a disabled guy who’s always sitting in a wheelchair. I have nothing now. The car burnt during the accident and I was kicked out at the apartment. I went back home. I just hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me and if it’s possible, may I please see the kids?

You could’ve imagined the tears that rolled down from my eyes when I read that text. I was literally out of words. I responded:

I won’t ignore the fact that you contributed to almost ruining my life. The amount of pain you’ve caused me, I don’t know if I’ll eventually forgive you. But I’m not perfect either; I also messed up by letting you get to me with my selfish motives. I find it funny that they are “our kids” now, when a year ago you didn’t even care. I won’t feel pity for you because you are disabled now. But I’m not heartless, I’ll bring the twins.

We arranged the date and I went there with the kids. I found him sitting there in a wheelchair with shame all over his face. But that’s not the case; the kids were so delighted to meet their father for the very first time, the very same father who rejected them. What God is bringing you through at this very moment is going to be a testimony that will bring somebody else through. No mess, no message!


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