It was supposed to be the most exciting days of my youth. Waking up in the morning by the sound of a buzzing alarm, took a bath and put on my school uniform, fixed my hair and grabbed my bag. I went to school to learn and be educated. But the bullies turned it all into a horrible experience.

Waking up and getting dressed up for school was one thing, getting out of the house and going to school was another. I would always imagine how my day was going to be like at school. I do not know where I got the courage to go to school but either way I did go to school. When I was at school, things would be normal but come break period. I would be miserable and wish to go home by the blink of an eye.

There was one day when I was accused of stealing a calculator that belonged to one of the bullies. They stood around me in a circle outside the classroom where I was eating my lunch. They called me horrible names, telling me how ugly I was. It hurt a lot and I did not defend myself. I did not even cry and that made them angry because I was not going to cry and beg for their mercy.

They started pushing and shoving me around, threatening to beat me up so bad. My friend saved me, she told them to stay away from me and surprisingly they did. She told me to go and report them to our teachers but I could not. I was scared of what they might do to me if I did.

The following day at school my friend came to me and said, “My friend, I got something for you.”

I said, “Oh! What is it?”

She took out a Bible! I was so puzzled, of all things she could give me, a Bible was the last thing on my mind.

She said, “Friend, I do not know how hard all this is for you, only God does,” she then said, “read this Bible and pray about all that is happening, let it be your daily bread.”

From that day on, that is what I did. I started reading the Bible and praying regularly. Although, I did not report them at school, God knew all about them and their deeds. Suddenly, things changed. One of the bullies came to me and apologized for what they did and I told him that I forgive him. They all followed after the other, begging for my forgiveness.

I forgave them all and things started getting normal again. From that day when my friend gave me the Bible, I have been holding onto it, praying and reading it daily. It has got me through the toughest and happiest days of my life.

I don’t know what I would have been without it, indeed it is my daily bread and pillar of strength. It’s so special to me, it gives me hope and peace. I have grown in my faith.