Oh how I wish I could destroy the ways of society, bomb all banking institutions and affiliated financial organisations, shatter the farce of society. Let people realise that they squander their lives by working jobs they hate. Our lives are to be lived; we are not sheep, we are not cattle, we are not wage-slaves.

Civil wars, economic collapse, destruction of companies, we need a life free from technology and electronics, and freedom from materialistic possessions. This is how society should be: we should have chaos, anarchy, civil wars, revolutions, factions and violence. In all truth, our society needs to collapse and crumble away. Money needs to be redistributed more evenly. So why should poverty exist?

Knowledge should be taught to all. We must throw away all social norms, throw away stereotypes and marginalized limitations that have been dictated to us. I dream of a society in which all are equal, not from a philosophical point-of-view but from a perspective which will give all the necessities to live a life of abundance, tranquillity and harmony. Wealth will not be restricted to a few privileged ones, instead it will be distributed to all in exact proportion.

Sacrifice is needed for a better society. We need to shake the foundation of society, destroy everything and build anew. A radical change is a must, one that is going to affect everyone in the whole country. Our potential for growth is astronomical; all we need to do is THINK instead of to ACT.


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