A mother is someone who can make your life much easier. A mother is someone who can always by your side no matter what happens, who you disappoint, but she never gives up on you. A mother is someone who loves you and encourages you.

My mom, though! That woman, she loved me from the day I was born and she loves me til today; I know that. I’ve disappointed her so many times but she forgave me. When I am with her I feel safe and comfortable. When I need someone to talk to I run to her and she always listens. When I need something I go to her, even if she doesn’t have money to buy me what I want, she makes a plan. She always tells me that she wants me to be like other children. She does not want me to have nothing while she is still alive.

I remember the day she found out that I was pregnant. She stopped talking to me for weeks but eventually she forgave me. The day I passed Matric she was in the Eastern Cape. She transferred R 5000 to me. She told me to buy everything that I wanted.

My mother always lightens my day, she is my light and my salvation. She is everything, my heaven on earth, and my last and my first. That’s why I respect her this much and I want her to be happy and I always make sure of that.


Tell us: How would you describe what a “mother” is?