Sibonelo grew up in the village called Bhadeni in Paul Pietersburg, where he never experienced things. The village was the place for old uneducated and poor people. He was dark in complexion, in his twenty four years of age he was a short guy and very respective. The village had no electricity, no cell phones, and no televisions the only thing they know was what they can see with their own eyes. Which was fetching cows and swimming in the river.

Sibonelo loved reading the old magazines and newspaper that he found on his father’s drawer in his room. He would read them with passion, making sure he understood every story that was written. That is where his love for story telling began, he started visiting big cities during school holidays. Where he would see different things and experience the things that happened in really life, that he never thought happened. He was watching different kinds of shows on TV like Daily Thetha and SABC News. The village was developing as the years go on, there was electricity and water taps in the village.

Sibonelo had a smart phone that he was using to get internet access, and his father bought them the old computer at the pawn shop at Gauteng. He hoped he could be a journalist giving the important news to the community, because he felt like people of the community deserved to know what was happening in their area.

Sibonelo had a DSTV at home he was watching Tswana TV when he saw the young author, Hosea Ramphekwa from Pretoria. He was on an interview about his new book he was working on. He started following him on all social media platforms, he tried his very best to connect with him sending him direct messages on Facebook and twitter. He got in touch and he gave him his WhattsApp number they started chatting. Even though, Hosea was always a very busy man because he was working as a journalist for the local newspaper in Pretoria.

Sibonelo started writing essays and searched for publishers online, he found one who asked him to send in his work. They read it and gave him feedback that they were not working with amateurs. He almost gave up but continued to look for publishers and found FunDza, that helps young writers to craft their work.

He published his first story “where were you when I needed you?” the story touched many people’s life, he saw on the feedback online. He was entered for the anthology it takes two by cover to cover that was taking place for the first time in KZN.

He was selected to write a short story, for the first time he experienced the book launch and felt how it was to have the mentor. Someone you can sit down with and share your ideas with Dianne steward was his mentor and they wrote the sequel story.