A gift like no other, my laptop, it is 5 years 3 months old. It was a surprise gift and a last gift from my late father. It is so dear to me; I just cannot let it go.

It was December 2013 when he bought me the laptop. I had passed my Grade 11 with flying colours, he wanted to make sure that for Grade 12 I don’t stand in queues on internet café to type my assignments, and it was also a way of encouraging me so that I keep up with the hard work.

I have developed a strong bond with my laptop to the point that I have even adopted a tendency of personifying it. I refer to it as a “her”, and I call her “Supreme”. I decided to call her Supreme because it is the perfect and a remarkable gift ever given to me, not only because of that one can ever get but also because I knew those times of losing my diaries and poetry book were over.

I am an aspiring writer, I write short stories, novels and poetry. Supreme and I spend a lot of time together; she has never let me down. What I love about supreme is that my work is safe because she has a password, no one can read my diaries or my stories without me knowing. Supreme allows me to store very important files in her in an organized manner.

Supreme knows a lot about me, be it social, personal or something that has to do with my studies, she knows. When I was in Grade 12, I used to download past exam question papers on Supreme so I can practise. This has helped me a lot because I spent a lot of my time focusing on my school work, it was more interesting than to study with hard copies and it also helped me save money and paper. I have watched movies and motivational talks, listened to music, played games, interacted on social media, read articles, novels, poems and a lot of other books; I wrote stories, poems and I still do.

I also had the privilege of typing my father’s obituary on Supreme. She has never disappointed me. I understand that she is now old and her battery is dying but I am planning to save for her new battery. I am going to hold on to her for as long as possible.

I share a lot of memories with her, and she’s stored all my memories. I have protected my Supreme and I will continue to do so, she has one missing button and she has never been to repairs. I am forever grateful to my father for this idea best gift. I have written this essay from supreme.