Deceit can destroy like an atomic bomb and break the most precious of bonds in one’s life. Some may lie with the thought of saving their own skin and camouflaging their not so good acts. Relations wrapped in deceit are always bound to break as they lack good health. We all lie here and there for our own reasons but let it not penetrate and fully sink inside. Lies cause damages not only to the mind but to the heart too.

Mental breakdowns and emotional instabilities often result because of them. It is then when people feel caged inside traps of deceit. Isolation in relationships too stands strong and bonds weaken more than ever before. Chains meant to link people break into pieces and leave behind misery if not sorrow itself. Happiness then turns into disappointments and nothing can thread back broken souls into one. Only threads can be woven into a single piece but not pieces of broken trust.

One that breaks into uneven scars and pain mostly brought by those less expected of them to do so. A swift movement of hate takes place as a result of countless disappointments. It’s not just a lie to others, it’s broken trust that can never be put together. Even glue can’t patch back dishonesty into loyalty now can it? If that’s then the case let the boundaries tighten up more than they already did because lies are meant to destroy. Destroyed property is of no use so might as well just let it be…


Tell us: Why is lying never the answer?