I once had teary eyes and a broken heart. I felt sorry for myself and I worried about things which I couldn’t change. Things which were beyond my control. The life that I was leading wasn’t real, because I compared myself with others. However, all that disappeared the day I realised that, ‘life is not a path of roses’. It is normal to encounter all kinds of difficulties along the road of life. Every difficulty is a gift and every hardship is a providence. My brothers and sisters, it’s very hard to stay courageous when everything is falling apart. You become bitter, resentful and depressed. Committing suicide becomes the only way to escape your problems. You end up not knowing the purpose of your existence. Don’t let that affect you; time cures all the wounds and pains.

When things don’t go according to how you have planned, or anticipated them, don’t get upset. Instead get ‘up’ and ‘set’ yourself. When life knocks you down or crashes you on the ground, stand up. What matters is not the worst that has happened, but what one does after. Bear in mind that every successful person out there has a story to tell. I believe that we too are still writing our own stories, which we’re going to tell the world one day. So whenever you encounter difficulties or hardships in the road of life, don’t be discouraged – they are part of your story.

I now believe it when people say we are living a testimonial life. One day we shall testify and say, I was once that and now I’m this. God has good plans for our lives as individuals. The waiting can be hard but one day we will realise that it was worth it. Remember we are all destined for success.

Never stop dreaming. One day your dreams shall come true. With hard work, belief and immovability anything is possible. Do not judge because no one is reprehensible. We all make mistakes and we learn from them. As quoted by the great Albert Einstein, “Anyone who has never made a mistake in life had never learnt anything new.” When we were born our hands were closed. I believe that inside those hands lies our success. It is up to us to go out there, and search what is within those hands.

My brothers and sisters stop feeling sorry for yourself. Start looking beyond the imperfections. Life is sweet – all you need to do is to make it sweeter. Always remember that you are capable and destined for success.


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