Junior and Sonia went to the dance floor when the party started. Junior had quit the party life, but that night it was like a ghost came to haunt him. Jason came down the stairs and saw his little brother partying like it was the last day on Earth. He quickly went to him, grabbed his right arm and took him aside from the dance floor. There was too much noise so they couldn’t hear well enough. So he took him upstairs where there was no noise in the quiet room. Sonia was following them up the stairs, by the time Jason tried to close the door Sonia came in.

Jason said, “We are going home now, no excuses!”

Sonia asked, “No, the party just started. You are so boring. Anyway, who is this party pooper, Junior?”

“It is my annoying brother. I tell you what Jason, get your ass downstairs. I am pretty much sure your chick is wondering where you are. Stop worrying about me I am old enough to do what I want to do,” Junior said.

Jason replied, “Like hell I care, but mark my words, you will regret this. I feel sorry for Sandy, you disappointed her.” He went out of the room angry.

“Yes, the monster is gone. Look what I have got for you.” She said taking out a sealed bottle from her bag,” said Sonia.

“Wait, Jason is right. What if Sandy finds out about all of this? I won’t be able to forgive myself; maybe I should go home,” said Junior.

“Who is Sandy now?” Sonia questioned.

Junior answered, “On second thought, let’s party. Just me and you.”

“I have a boyfriend too, but as long as I won’t tell him, he won’t even know,” Sonia returned.

Junior uttered, “Yes, not knowing doesn’t hurt. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

“I have an exciting game I want us to play,” said Sonia.

“I can see where that is going. You are so naughty,” Junior said provocatively.

Sonia explained. “OK, this is how we are going to play this game. I ask you a question, and if you fail to answer, you take off one of your clothes. The one who is naked first will be the slave for tonight. Got it?”

“Let the games begin. I am all ears,” Junior affirmed.

They started playing, and Junior was answering correctly as well as Sonia. But in the game, there is always one winner. Junior lost and she won the game. Then Junior had to be the slave of Sonia. She came close to him and looked him in the eyes before kissing him. One thing led to another, and there they were having sex.

He had six condoms in his pockets, but he never used one.

During the sex, Junior wanted to see her face, but she refused and told him that he will see her in the morning. They both fell asleep after six rounds. In the morning, Junior was alone in the bed. He looked for his phone thinking maybe Sonia took it as she left without saying goodbye. On the coffee table, there was a note written that included a number.

Add me on Facebook to see my face. Hope you will love what you see. I had an amazing night yesterday. You were like an animal.

He quickly took the number and searched on Facebook, and there was this woman who looked similar to Sandy. He was shocked to see that this woman looked like his girlfriend and that she used the same surname as his. Then all of a sudden something clicked in his mind that Sandy’s mom had told him. Sandy had a twin which was stolen after birth in the hospital a long time ago. He started breathing heavily, and he fell on the floor without moving. Jason and he tried to wake him up. He couldn’t wake up, but he still had a pulse on his neck.


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