It was close to the Passover holiday and the whole congregation were preparing for it. We were going to Kwamhlaba-Uyalingana. I was the treasurer of the congregation. I collected the money and organised the trip.

The bus was already full so I decided to use my car as everybody knows no overloads are allowed on our roads.
I organised that three church members would come with me: Senzo, Zinhle and Mandla.

“Mandla you can also drive and help me when I get tired,” I told Mandla. He smiled at me with that smiley face of his. Nobody knew in church that Mandla was my crush. I felt excited but tried to hide it at the same time.

Time went by and suddenly it was the day of the trip. I collected everyone from their homes, starting with Mandla. He lived further away from me than the others, but I also wanted to see him first.

We were all in the car when my phone rang. It was Pastor Dlamini. “Hi sisi, the bus is about to leave, we will be in touch,” he said.

“Thank you pastor. We are following you. I am already with Senzo, Zintle and Mandla,” I told him.

I was in my short black dress. As I was driving I kept pulling it up just to attract Mandla who was in the passenger seat.

we@the place kwamhlaba uyalingana
the service is going well

I texted my friend later.

Ow Yeah!

It was going really well!

When it was time to go back home to Ethekwini I told Mandla. “Mandla you will be driving today I am not feeling well.”

Our first stop was at the garage. I took my phone and texted him.

I can c u tired
Nxt to u

I pretended to be sleepy. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he read my text and smiled.

Thank God for answering my prayers, I thought as I opened my eyes slowly.

The other two in the car were sleeping in the back seat. They were in dreamland.

“Let’s go and get something to eat,” Mandla said.

When I got out of the car he came to me with his arms wide open.

“Is it really happening?” he said.

“What?” I whispered. I wanted to cry at the same time. I pretended to be strong, but the love was killing me inside. ‘He is the one’ I told myself.

He held my hand and we went inside MacDonalds. “Let’s get an ice cream to start,” he whispered.

“Thank you,” my eyes were full of love. We went to sit in the corner on the last two open chairs.

“I want to make you my wife,” he said. “I really love you Smah. The thing is I couldn’t get a chance to tell you before. You know the church rules. Prepare for an engagement next week Sunday. Believe me on this one,” he said.

“Oh, I love you too,” I said and we squeezed our hands together as we licked our ice creams.

“Sisi, Smah,” it was Zinhle. She had run inside and was standing in front of us. “Come guys it is raining outside.”

“I will give you a call,” Mandla said as we left MacDonalds. My heart was bursting.

“Ok,” the words came out cracked.

Then we were driving again. Nobody was talking and no music was playing.

When I got home I went straight to the shower. I didn’t want food or drink. I was full up on love.

On Sunday I wore a white spotless dress with baby heel white shoes. I only had a bible, cellphone, and my car keys with me.
We got engaged and the marriage took place two months after the engagement.

That is how I became Mrs Sithole.

We have been happily married for three years now.