It had been seven years since Oscar had tried his luck on Nelisiwe, his crush. He had never felt the way hen did with Nelisiwe for any other woman.

Oscar was in his twenties, tall and dark in complexion. He was a respectful young man and old people wished only the best for him. He respected everyone he came across in the village. He was just finishing his Grade 12 and was ready to start a new life away from home and become a man on his own.

Nelisiwe was a shy eighteen year old, also dark in complexion with a beautiful slim body. She had everything a boy could ask for. She knew that Oscar loved her and felt the same about him, but hadn’t been ready for relationships. Oscar never gave up on her and proved himself that he really loved her. And now that she was eighteen she thought she was ready.

Nelisiwe was ready to give Oscar a chance, he had finally won her heart. She sent him a message asking if they could go to the park together. Oscar was excited, everything about Nelisiwe made him smile. His daily dream was to see Nelisiwe as his wife and the mother of his children. He kept on rereading the text, he couldn’t wait to be with her.

The day came and Oscar went to the park early, he didn’t want to keep Nelisiwe waiting. He wore his black swag; leg fit jeans with stitches, a black T-shirt and Air Force Nike sneakers. He was surprised when he saw Nelisiwe seating under the small tree already. She was beautiful and smelled like red roses. He joined her on the small chair.

Nelisiwe wore a beautiful black dress that fitted her very well, with the white Nike Air Force Oscar half-boots. It was like they had told each other what to wear on their date. Oscar smiled after seeing Nelisiwe after a long time and she was truly beautiful.

“Hi Nelisiwe, I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting, maybe my time is wrong; I really thought I had my timing right?” Oscar said feeling ashamed.

“No! No need to be sorry, you arrived on time, I was early. If you were late you know you wouldn’t find me here,” Nelisiwe said laughing.

“You almost gave me a shock, I mean what kind of a man keeps such a beautiful princess alone in the park when there are many young man who would really like to spend a moment with her? Anyway, thanks for inviting me over, you know there is nothing I enjoy more than spending a little moment with you,” Oscar said.

“You really haven’t changed. But if you really enjoy spending time with me, why did you wait for me to invite you? Why didn’t you invite me? Because you are the guy, you were supposed to ask me out!” Nelisiwe said with the smile on her face.

“I tried but it didn’t end well last time. You ended up hating me. You really never liked it when I said I love you and you always said there are many girls who will appreciate me more, knowing very well that the person I love was you,” Oscar said.

“Now you are starting with your lies. I never hated you for telling me you love me. The only thing I told you was that I was young and didn’t knowing what love was. I was not ready to get my heart broken because that’s what you guys want from us you, just want to play with our hearts,” Nelisiwe said.

“After so many years you really think I just wanted to gain your heart just to play with it? If I really wanted to do that I would have given up by now,” Oscar said.

“You did give up. I mean, it’s been a long since I heard from you, even now I’m still wondering how we found each other,” Nelisiwe said, she was always smiling and had a beautiful smile.

“I didn’t give up, it’s just that you left me with no choice. I thought it’s better to give you some time,” Oscar said looking Nelisiwe in the eye.

“Let’s drop this conversation because I can see that you are getting hot now,” Nelisiwe said while she was laughing, she was hot-headed.

“I missed you and I really missed chilling with you. I know that you hated me but I never stopped loving you, and that will never ever change,” Oscar said while looking at Nelisiwe. He wished he could just hold her tight and kiss her. He imagined him closed to her, he felt his heart racing because of the love he had for Nelisiwe.

“I don’t hate you Oscar and you know that too. It’s just that I was not ready, but now I think it’s about time I give my heart to you. I know you will take good care of it. I loved you from day one and I’m ready to prove it to you now. I would really hate to lose you to another woman, you’ve given me enough time to think and figure out my love for you, I don’t want to waste any more time,” Nelisiwe said and she had tears in her eyes. She really did love Oscar.

She took Oscar’s hand, hugged and shared their first kiss.

Oscar didn’t know what to say for a while, he saw his dream coming true. Their first kiss was special to him and he knew that day would change his life forever. Nelisiwe was the motivation he needed to achieve more of his goals, he then confessed.

“I don’t have big words to thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove my love to you. I promise to always take good care of your heart. I know that it was made of a special gold glass, and if I let it fall it will be broken. And I know I won’t stand the pain of picking the pieces,” Oscar said.

They continued kissing under the tree of love.


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