A 56 year old single mother of three children was going through the
hardship of raising her children without a man. Working as a domestic worker at the Crocodilian town because jobs were scarce, she was earning so little that she could not afford some important
expenses. Sometimes being short sleeved leads to decisions that are
very misleading.

In the village of Kokosi, just 78 km away from Jo’burg west, there was a pretty famous man who was driving a classic iron. Nothing was of doubt that the classic iron driver was some sort of a criminal. This mother of three was attracted by the richness of this man. This man was a rubber neck, using money to get to Kokosi’s illiterate women. He was changing them like climate change.

One night, Miss Morule, the single mother, was out with Gaddafi, the
criminal. The mother was ecstatic to be in a classic car speeding to
a fancy restaurant, The Lover’s Charity.

“It’s my first time in this glamorous place with flashing light bulbs,” said the mother with a smile.

“You haven’t seen any beauty; I’ve been to celebrity places,” said the criminal.

The mother was enjoying herself, forgetting that she left empty three bags at home. Luckily, Ditshepiso, one of the three children, was the older and clever one. Ditshepiso grew up at her grandmother’s who shared amusing stories with her and taught her about different remedies at the Lekoko valley.

There was no electricity nor was there food at the house. Well Gogo’s knowledge nourished the three children because Ditshepiso was able to cook in fire and knew different vegetables such as ‘thepe’, of which she harvested a few days ago.

Ditshepiso was a beautiful girl with a natural glamour and rosy lips, her eyes slightly big and yellow-bone skin.

The night was fading away. The mother and Gaddafi went to the Fochville hotel to sleep over. The bedrooms of the Fochville hotel were very kind to the fake love of the two embarrassing couples.

It was early in the morning of the next day. There was a message beeping on Gaddafi’s Sumsung Galaxy S5.

“It’s Jewish on de N12 todai bosso yami,” the message read.

You could view angriness in the face of the man. Who knew what was ‘Jewish’. Mr Gaddafi and Miss Morule went to Morule’s house. It seemed that Gaddafi was feeling at home. He fixed the house and
turned it to Kokosi mansions. The man was indolent in everything.

The poor three children were slaves of the horrible stepfather with fake adoration. Miss Morule was an educated sister in the village of
Kokosi who was an office clerk. She got a job at the Merafong City
Municipality office through the bribery that Gaddafi offered to the
manager. The mother was working almost everyday leaving her children
with the criminal.

One day, the other two kids went to the school sport tournament and Gaddafi and Ditshepiso were home alone. This heartless man opened his pants drastically forcing himself into the young innocent girl. The screaming of the girl was too weak to be heard by the neighbour.

This happened for several times until Ditshepiso wasn’t fit to go to school. The teachers were getting worried because she was missing her mid-year examination for pre-matric. The teachers took a tour to Ditshepiso’s home, and it came to their attention that she was abused somehow.

They questioned her up until she told them the truth, breaking the embarrassing mystery of the criminal. She was taken for tests at the hospital and statements at police station whilst going for counselling. Bad news came from the results of the hospital test; she was HIV positive. Her life is drastically changed by a man brought by her mother.

Her mother was regretting all her decisions. She wasn’t able to give her daughter the necessary safe shelter. Well what has happened is like a fixed movable mark. Will she be able to adjust to her school work again?

Her rights to learn were violated. Her right to safe shelter with food was violated. Her right to life and freedom was undermined by this criminal. The criminal is now behind bars of the SunCity jail at Johannesburg. At least he is 78 km away from them. He was also found guilty of selling stolen cars and car parts.

Ditshepiso had to adjust to a different lifestyle while fighting for
a brighter future. She is a good person anyway because she has
forgiven her mother immediately after the trials at the court. She knew that her mother was of importance to her, and she was happy to have her.

She gained confidence and was inspired and encouraged to open an organisation called Kokosi Youth Organization that dealt with social issues. She did this with the help of the social development department that helped her in recovering from the wounds. She made campaigns that transformed people’s lives, and she became a young
heroine at her village. She was even travelling nationally being
sponsored by the USAID and the health department.

She got her matric and was studying social work at the university of Witwatersrand. She is an aspiration to other youngsters who are going through life obstacles and hardships. Her right is her freedom; she made it to be known.