The youth of today is so disrespectful it’s no wonder I snap. Let me tell you a tale of a boy I murdered so that you can run to the police.

That boy mocked me for not existing. The boy is or was a freshman in high school since I’m the only who knows his d-e-a-d.

The boy said, “I am going to put this on cam. I want to expose those charlatans. I am putting it on my website.”

Cool, the whole world is going to watch me kill that kid, I thought to myself. I am going to be a celebrity and I’ll be posing with Zack Efron on the red carpet in Hollywood. That guy is ridiculously hot. But back to the kid who is about to face his death.

He began to speak. “Hi, this is the Danoleween show. I am your host Dan, “The Blond Casanova” and ladies love me.” He said smirking. “Hi Ladies and fuck to all dudes you’re fucking ugly.” He said obnoxiously.

“We all know Halloween is tomorrow and everyone will be wearing spooky costumes. Today’s topic is all about that dead bitch Bloody Mary. Honey, do you want me to kiss you? Nope, because you stink as hell and you smell like death.” He laughed. “I am going to expose all those freaks that believe in Bloody Mary. I am going to perform a ritual live.” He continued to say.

He lit a candle in the bathroom and turned off the lights. He then chanted bloody my name as he looked in a mirror. After he had called it, he spun three times in quick circles. Nothing happened. I made him believe that, for now.

“See, I told you guys the fatal bitch does not exist and I was right. Dan is always right.” He said, chuckling.

I appeared in my scary look, I had my long hair covering my beautiful face.

“Oh! Well, you’re in Mary’s den now.” I said.

I saw that priceless look on his face, a look of complete terror and fear. He was shivering like a little girl.

“Do you know why bathrooms are my favourite place to hang out?” I asked.

He said in a slurred speech, “Be…because… you were in a bathroom getting a glass of water when you were murdered.”

I clapped hands. “Bravo! Hiding should be your plan because I am about to scratch your face or eyes out. I am going to use your beautiful blue indigo eyes as part of my first collection in 2017.”

“What? No bitch, I did not kill you or your baby. Go away!” He said sweating as I felt his racing heart.

“I will but not till I paint the walls with your blood kid. I am a Queen and you’ve got no respect. I want to take over and you’d be a bad host. Time to die. Goodbye, say hello to Jesus if you see the light.” I said finally as I scratched his eyes out and he screamed.

The boy got so many views and likes for getting killed. He was found dead by his momma and it is really painful as a parent to bury your child. I am not regretful for what I just did. I am still icy and my name is Bloody Mary.

Dogs bark “Woof”, phantoms say “boo” and I say “Humbug! Run for your life.”


Tell us: Do you believe in ghosts or the dead coming back to life?