I am Bonolo and my siblings are Thabo and Thapelo. Thapelo is a girl and Thabo is a boy. Our parents died when I was 15 years old. I was Thapelo’s role model, because I am her big sister. All Thapelo wanted was to be like me when she grew up, but that changed after we stayed with our heartless aunty.

My aunty was the best aunt ever when my parents were alive, but when my parents died she lied to them that she would take good care of us. That was a big lie. My own aunty abused me. I sometimes went to sleep hungry because she told me she didn’t have food to feed me and my siblings, so I had to choose to either feed them or me. I choose them.

One day my aunty came home with an old man to be my dad. My aunty introduced me. She then called me in private.

“Look here, this guy wants you, so you better accept him or else you will leave my house with your siblings and I don’t know where else you will go,” my aunty said.

“But aunty, this man is old enough to be my dad. Why should I date him?” I questioned.

“This man owns shops and I don’t have money to pay him back because I took some food I wanted to feed you and your siblings. Stop questioning me, just do as I said,” she said.

I felt so much pain. I wanted to run away, but I thought about my siblings so I had no choice but to date the old man. My own aunty let my virginity be taken away by an old man.

I listened to my aunty because I feared my siblings and myself being kicked out of the house. Thapelo started to hate me because of my bad behavior, I was no longer her role model. My aunty was making me look bad in front of my siblings and made herself appear as an angel.

“How bad can you be to leave school and date an old man?” she’d say.

She didn’t tell them she was the one who made me do it.

Years went by and Thapelo was in matric. I started to save for Thapelo to further her studies. She passed her matric well. My evil aunty saw that Thapelo did well and she started to tell Thapelo to go look for a job and not further her studies or else leave the house. Thapelo, because of fear, went to look for a job but with no luck.

“Jobs are scarce,” she said.

One day I heard my aunty talking on the phone…

“I have a pure virgin girl, just give me 10k and she will be yours forever,” she said.

Late at night, I took Thapelo and asked one of her friends for help. She helped her because she knew our situation.

The next morning I woke up as if nothing had happened. Our aunty noticed that she didn’t see Thapelo.

“Where is Thapelo? I haven’t seen her this morning,” our aunty said.

“She left this morning around 5 and went to look for a job. For sure she will be back or maybe she found one,” I said.

“But I told her that she should not go anywhere today.”

Later that day, the man arrived and Thapelo was still not home.

“Where is my girl? I want to test her to see if she is really ntobintobi nah…”

Heartless aunty didn’t know what to say, so she lied.

“I asked her to go to shop and buy you some Coke,” she said.

Two hours had passed and she had still not returned. The man started to get frustrated.

“If your child isn’t back by tomorrow otlo bona moye diphala di nwa gona meetse…”

I laughed silently and said, “Re tlare ke diphitsi ra bona ka mebala. I can’t wait for tomorrow…”

Kage Masa asena swele the day arrived, the man showed up, Thapelo never showed up. The old man decided to take the aunty instead.

“Since your child is nowhere to be seen, you will be my sex slave forever,” he said.

Heartless aunty begged for mercy, but the old man didn’t listen to her cries. He took her as his slave and Thapelo got a degree in Law. She changed her sister’s life and brother’s future.

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