Vusi was adopted into a family that claimed to love him and take good care of him, but that turned out to be a lie. Vusi didn’t go against the rules that had been put down for him to follow, but the parents always found a way to blame him. He had less power or no power at all, but all this didn’t begin the day he was adopted.

For the first three years at his new home everything ran smooth, and all things were glitter and candy until he grew to the age of 12. That is when the social workers decreased their number of visits, as they could see that Vusi was well taken care of.

The family had three of their own kids, which were two boys and one girl, Vusi was the fourth kid. The two boys were very jealous of poor Vusi because although he didn’t have his biological family, he had the biggest brains of them all. Vusi could do math, read fluently, and also he was good in singing.

So whenever Vusi had to bring back good news at home, he had to think about the reaction of his two brothers because he knew that they would say he cheated or he doesn’t deserve these marks.

The foster parents didn’t mind violating Vusi’s right to education. They stopped Vusi from going to school for a week and sometimes the whole month. They were brave enough to buy a doctor to write a letter saying that Vusi had been sick.

As to make the lie worse, they forbade Vusi from going outside to play, and that was violating his right as a child to play. He had no choice but to obey, or else a big and long canning would follow as if he had killed a person.

Vusi believed that one day his misfortune would come to an end, and through his belief and hopes, when he reached the age of 17, he was in grade 10. That was not because he wanted to be in that grade, but because he was forbidden to go to school for the whole year when he was supposed to be doing grade 10 for the first time.

He was told to take care of the house while they were gone. At this age he started to speak about his situation, and that led to him finding a friend that knew exactly what to do. The boy informed his elders about Vusi, and they organised to have a talk with Vusi’s foster parents, but that didn’t end well so they were forced to involve the law.

As soon as the law enforcements knew about Vusi’s misfortune they acted. Social workers arranged for him to have a safer home, and that was at Vusi’s friends place. The cruel foster parents were arrested, and their kids were taken away for adoption.