Mom came in through the door so fast as if something terrible happened. With her beautiful blue high heeled shoes that made a noise while she walked, Silza my older sister, called her from work after the only phone that mom uses to call us while she’s at work broke to pieces and no one knew who broke it.

Actually, I was the one who had the phone, but I later left it on the chair where I sat, but when I came back, it was already in pieces.

“Somebody start explaining what happened!” Mom exclaimed.

None of us answered.

“Didn’t you hear what your mother said, why are you busy looking at each other as if you are lost?” Dad said.

Silza broke the silence by clearing her throat, “ahem, ahem, well you see, dad, I just came home from school when I found this.”

“Sarah, what’s your say in this?” Mom asked.

“Actually, Mom, I don’t know what happened,” I said, fearfully.

“So, you all don’t know what happened?” Dad asked.

“Yes, we don’t!” we all exclaimed.

“Okay do you know where we are going for our family holiday?” Dad asked.

“To Victoria Falls in Livingston!” we exclaimed, happily.

“Exactly, we only have three days left and if you don’t find out who broke the phone then consider going to Victoria Falls a dream,” Dad said.

I knew how my dad was and I knew that he really meant what he said and he would not go back on his decision. We all went to our rooms.

“What are we going to do?” Jane, the youngest in the family, asked.

“We just have to solve the mystery of the broken phone and we have to do it fast and I’m ready to solve it,” she said as she got dressed in detective clothes.

The next day we all looked for clues in the house but found none and we only had one day left.

Suddenly Jane recalled something, “Remember what we were doing before the phone broke?” she asked.

“Yes, we were dancing and I remember we recorded everything, I think the video might have the part of how the phone broke,” I said.

We all rushed to get Silza’s phone and thank God we found the video. The video was shocking. It turned out that our cat and a rat had a party of their own. While we were dancing, the cat was chasing the rat, but the rat climbed on the chair where the phone was and then it dropped the phone on the ground. The cat ended up scratching the phone with its claws as it tried to reach for the rat, after two attempts. With its final attempt to eat the rat, the cat pushed the phone backwards and it hit the wall and broke to pieces, then the rat ran outside and the cat followed it.

That’s how the phone broke, we all were surprised at how the cat broke the phone while we were in the same room without even noticing anything. We all rushed to dad and mom’s room and showed them the video they were shocked as well.

Then dad said, “Start packing guys, we are going to Livingston.”

We were all happy because we solved the mystery of the broken phone.


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