In the darkest days, lingering between my sorrow, I couldn’t find where I could store my happiness, sadness and the moments I think are splendid.

It was in the evening when I heard footsteps approaching the door of my room. I was pinned to my pen and a piece of a paper as usual. My pen, as a better microphone that can convert the vocal cords into a sound we can understand better. And in my soul I could find healing. My paper, I could literally block all the tears I would tarnish for days.

I heard a knock and a voice that you could tell from a distance that it was thrilled. The knock was from my mother who called me into the sitting room.

“What you have longed for is here,” she said.

I was puzzled and couldn’t even understand what she meant. I went into the sitting room and found my former primary school teacher carrying a box. I could see the cover of the box had a personal computer.

She put it in my hands and said, “Passion is the strong form of love, and with this I order you to go and embrace your talent. Store your tears, build your writings and cough out words that will enhance people. This is not your livelihood but what in my veins a form of essence you will add to bold your life.”

I was so excited that tears fell down my cheeks.

It is like the flower that is planted in the garden of the chosen flower. If I have to embrace it, it is the storage of my identity, my tears are drawn in it. The sore pain in my navel is stored in it, it is my river that I couldn’t let flow over the rocks but on top of the soft sand. A pearl that was found in the sea sand and I have built it a tranquil room in my heart because in it I will have my work, my wisdom and my future stored.

What a code it has unlocked for me. The code of love that I will access my ability. A code that has unlocked my fingers and taught them to be flexible enough to understand its language. I have divorced negativity. I have married positivity because it built a wall in between and ordered the universe to look upon the relationship it has built with me. This didn’t just excite me, but it hugged my dreams and made a bond with my passion.

Thank you for the world full of people who beckon us to our passion and who, in the idea of love, bring to us what in our success will play a vital role.