We live in times where we have too many expectations from and of people. We fixate our minds on unrealistic expectations, pointing fingers at people for reasons that are uncalled for. This reflects back on what we bring to the table.

We expect people to love us but we fail to love ourselves. We expect people to care for us but we can’t take care of ourselves. We expect people to share all their things with us but fail to practice the art of generosity. We expect people to motivate us but we don’t have self-motivate. We expect people to have faith in us but we don’t have faith in ourselves. We expect people to appreciate us but we can’t appreciate ourselves. We expect people to tell us that we look beautiful but we can’t even affirm that to ourselves. We expect people to respect us but we don’t respect ourselves.

We are surprised why our expectations are not granted. The truth is you can’t give what you don’t have. We fail to realise that we expect in return something which we do not even possess. I believe that everything has to start somewhere but such things have to start with you and that which you give will be reciprocated.

Let’s suggest that a house built on a solid foundation is a reflection of me and floods are a reflection of people. If the house is built accurately, I believe that the floods won’t be able to burst the house because the foundation is solid. Let’s suppose the house is not built on a solid foundation, it’s clear enough the floods will wash the house away. This is an indication that it starts with us first by making sure that we are strong enough to withstand the pressure of something outside.

Bear in mind that the world will always give you back what you put in it. We need to grow, evoke and know ourselves clearly and then interact with people without having any unrealistic expectations from them.


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