Sihle, Avela and Elona grew up in village in Bizana, Kwamsomi. These boys they were friends since in their childhood. They loved to have fun and have joy together in the village and at school. Children at the school also loved these three boys because they were open to people, funny, talkative and clever.

At school Sihle was known as an entertainer and a story writer on Arts and Culture subjects. Elona was known as the best person when it comes to Mathematics and Natural Science, he was so clever. And Avela was the best person when it comes to talking and helping people with their problems. He was also good in sports, he’s favourite sport was to run; he was the best runner at school.

Elona and Avela were so close because they were neighbours. Sihle and Avela were also close because at school they were so naughty. When it comes to musicthey were also known; undefeated even by those girls making themselves coconut. But things didn’t go well with Avela and Sihle because Elona was so jealous of Sihle being so close to Avela.

So Elona started to talk bad about Sihle to other people. He even told Avela that they must start to ignore and avoid Sihle and Avela agreed with Elona’s idea. At school, children were laughing at Sihle about what Elona had said about him. And that’s how their friendship ended. Sihle was so down and depressed after losing his best friends. It had started nicely and it end badly, like a guitar with broken strings.