They say love can be found anywhere, however, its reality of being lost anywhere and anyhow is barely emphasized. A witness to this was a belle by the name of Lungile Mbatha.

Growing up in the township of Lawley, which is next to Lenasia, her beauty was extraordinary and got boys, and vagabonds, titillated during her high-school days. Whistles were heard when she was walking down the streets. Of course, like many girls her age, she succumbed in what she thought was love and unfortunately was impregnated by Enkosi while in matric.

She had to dropout of school and wait for the delivery of the baby. Enkosi evaporated the moment he heard of the pregnancy. His whereabouts were unknown and so was his family and close relations.

Lungile gave birth and named the baby Lukhanyo. When he was four years old, Lungile was more determined to alter both his and her own life. She named him Lukhanyo for, though he procrastinated her academic life, he brought light into her life. He motivated her to claim her independence.

It was because of him that she was not anxious to be a maid in madam Susan’s mansion in Lenasia. Madam Susan was a hale, jolly woman whose husband had died, leaving her with a child and fortune. As friendly as she was towards Lungile, she was quite stingy. However, she allowed her to take some leftovers when she knocked off.

Lungile would go back to Lawley in her shack and later fetch Lukhanyo at crèche. Every time she saw him she became motivated. What a happy child he was! He had a tendency of laughing even at serious situations. A peculiar child he was, that Lungile’s neighbours became polite towards him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Peter was furious.

How could the woman he was so close to marrying think so ill of him? She accused him of infidelity and so snatched his phone and threw it at the wall. Peter, afraid he might do something stupid, ignored Dikeledi and his wrecked phone. He walked into his car, with Dikeledi shouting behind him, and drove off.

He was so infuriated. The woman he was to marry had accused him of being unfaithful, broke his phone, and, to make matters worse, had shouted at him in front of their neighbours leaving him in embarrassment.

From Lenasia he drove towards Lawley. He entered the township and people weren’t astonished to see his BMW for they were common in the township. He stopped his car next to the soccer ground, but found the match dull so he drove back towards the station.

Near Zama-zama, the shop, he saw a beautiful lady. Her big and shiny eyes made him not realise when he had got out of his car and ran towards her.

“Hello miss. My name is Peter and…”

“Congratulations for being Peter. Now will you leave me alone?” Lungile interrupted and was obviously not interested. She resumed her walk.

“I can’t leave you alone. You’re my other half. May you, please, succumb to the temptation of my love?”

Lungile laughed raucously. And it was then that she looked at Peter.

“Is that the cliché poetry you use to trick girls?”

“I’ll answer that only if you could tell me by which material your beautiful body, especially, you big, beautiful eyes, were made.”

Lungile accepted the proposal and the two had relationship that developed quickly. Peter asked Lungile to marry him but had one condition for her. This was a tough one for Lungile but she desperately wanted to marry so she decided she would do it.

Lukhanyo was now five years old and he still loved laughter.

So on the night of the ultimatum, Lungile stared at him for the last time. Tonight was the night. She resented Peter for she loved him so much. He had shown love to her, motivated her to finish matric and was now asking her to do the most terrible thing ever. Peter had asked Lungile to demonstrate her love for him by drowning her baby.

Yes, he had asked her to kill Lukhanyo. It was only then that he would wed her.

This was to be done in a small damn between Lawley and Angloos train station. It was 9 o’clock when Lungile saw the lights of Peter’s car. She locked the door of her shack and left with Lukhanyo. When they reached the car they found Peter and another grown man, whom Peter said was his uncle. Peter drove out of Lawley in silence.

They reached the bridge in no time and Peter stopped the car. Peter, Lungile and Lukhanyo walked towards the damn and the uncle was left in the car. They crossed the railway and reached the destination.

“Mom, are we here to swim?” the confused boy asked, laughing. He had a smile in his face.

Lungile held Lukhanyo’s arm tightly and the boy laughed in amazement. During this time Peter was glancing at Lungile from afar. She displayed no emotion and she shed not a single tear. Lungile lifted Lukhanyo, about to throw him in the damn, when Peter screamed for her to stop.

In anger and confusion, Lungile liberated the boy’s arm and in darkness they strode back to the car.

Near the car Peter’s uncle opened the back door, asking expectantly, “And how is she for a wife my nephew?”

Peter burst in tears, kissed Lukhanyo on the cheek, and replied, “Uncle, I cannot marry Lungile. If she could almost kill this sweet boy, what could keep her from killing me?”

Lukhanyo laughed with joy and confusion under the warm embrace of Peter. And that’s how Lungile’s love story ended.


Tell us: How far would you go for love? Would you kill for the one you love?