Hi, my name is Kyle English and I’m from New York City, USA. Yep, New York. I was sitting with my mom in the Headmistress’s office. I was registering for my new high school: Crest Boys Academy. I won’t lie, I suggested coming to this school because it was rated the best in like the whole internet. So I came, but as soon as I entered the yard I knew something wasn’t right.

“So when does he start?” my mom inquired.

“Well, today, if you don’t mind,” the Headmistress said. There was something abnormal about this teacher. To me she looked like a possessed freak but mom couldn’t see any of that.

“Oh, that’s great,” my mom said, like she couldn’t wait to get rid of me.

“Now all you have to do is sign this document for me,” the Headmistress said giving that weird, freaky smile. Despite the look, my mom signed, without even reading. Then she said, “Now you sign,” giving me the document.

I was about to take out my pen but she insisted on me taking hers. I took it. When I asked if I could read she said she had no time, which made me suspicious. I signed, but as I was about to hand in the paper, something cut my right finger. My blood was all over the document, amazed I stood up.

“Mom, did you see that,” I said.

“See what, Honey?” my mom asked.

“Now you are officially in! Welcome,” she said smiling ominously at me. Now I was ‘officially’ scared.

“Mom! I don’t like this school anymore,” I shouted as I tried to make my mom stand up.

“No, no, no, Honey! I like this school, you are not going anywhere,” my mom insisted.

“Am I the only one who sees that there is something wrong with the school?” I shouted. “Look, something cut my finger,” I said showing my mom.

“See what? Sit down Honey!” my mom said apathetically. I was flabbergasted with how my mom spoke to me. I looked at my finger and nothing was there. I sat down with shame.

“Mrs English, I can see your son has an attitude,” she said showing some aversion. Well I knew my days will be a nightmare when I saw that side.

“I’m really sorry about my son, he is not always like this,” mom said ashamed.

“Let’s hope so,” the Headmistress said.

“Now if you don’t mind I would like to go to the car to unpack his belongings,” my mom said standing up.

I remember that day like it was yesterday the day I was admitted in Crest Boys Academy 11 January 2044. I will never forget that day. I left with my mom.

“Mom please, don’t make me stay here,” I said misty-eyed.

“Don’t give me that! You will attend this school,” my mom said getting a bit touchy. I failed to convince her. Then she got in the car, blew kisses to me and shouted that she loved me. She left me with all my suitcases on the floor at my feet. I looked back. The school had never looked so scary. A porter came and took my bag.

“This way, Sir.”

I followed the guy apprehensively. He might lead me to a weird spooky place, I thought.

“We are here sir,” he said opening the door.

It was definitely my room, no doubt about that. I saw three beds which meant I had roommates. I couldn’t wait to see what weird freaks they will give me. Don’t get me wrong, I no longer trusted a single thing in this school, not after the principal performed the way she did. I know this may sound like I’m being paranoid, if it was you, wouldn’t you be?

I lay on my bed looking up and I kept on thinking what type of school this can be. It was not long after my thoughts were disturbed. The door opened. I sat up straight to see. It was some teens who entered my room. They were led by the same porter that accompanied me, clearly they were my roommates.

“Hi my name is Keith,” one said in a passive voice.

I didn’t know whether to be rude or just answer.

“Nice meeting you Keith, I’m Kyle,” I said giving a fake smile. He could tell it was a fake smile but he did nothing and just smiled with me.

The other one just stood there like he was about to ask where he was. After a while he said, “I’m Kite.”

“Oh nice meeting you Kite, I’m Kyle,” I said apathetically

They smelt the attention I was giving them, but I didn’t give a rat’s ass. I didn’t even get a chance to know them then I heard an announcement.

“Attention boys, you’re all requested…