Like a little flower in the garden, you will blossom into a beautiful admired young lady. As you grow up from your childhood, play, learn and love. Be friendly, kind and thoughtful towards others. Remember to respect everyone both young and old, treat them like family and blessings will follow you. You may have biological parents, or be an orphan – single or double, don’t worry, every elderly person is your parent. Be teachable, you’re not always correct.

There is the adolescent stage, many changes will happen due to activation of hormones to stimulate the change. Don’t panic, it’s a normal phase of life. Even as you approach your teenage years, always work hard, concentrate on books with intent, it’s an advantage. Future leader, study hard, you won’t always need motivation, what you need is to be serious and focused.

The usual attraction to the opposite sex will be there, but remember to have self-control. Don’t be cheated by peers during this period for the glitters you will see are not gold. Do what corresponds with your age. Never remove your clothes to prove your love to the opposite sex. It’s OK to be in a relationship, but don’t go to bed before marriage.

Get someone who will buy you safe sanitary towels and not condoms. Condoms are cheap and sometimes given for free, but disposable nappies and napkins are becoming expensive.

A real person is not desperate to have you if he is interested in having a good future with you.
Keep yourself, personal hygiene is important, exercise, rest, eat and drink lots of water. Be ambitious, aim high and believe in yourself. You can do it, I know you can.

I love you so much, girl child.


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