Linda lived with her grandmother; her parents died in a car accident when she was three years old. Her grandmother did not have money to let her go to school so she was always helping her grandmother look after the cows, sheep and vegetables.

Not going to school made Linda sad. She could see her friends in the village going to school while she was always at home. The older Linda grew, the more she wanted to go to school.

One day, a man saw Linda watering the garden.

“Why are you not going to school?” the man asked. Linda was too scared to reply to him.

“My grandmother doesn’t have money to take me to school,” she finally gathered words to respond.

“That’s too sad, I want to talk to your grandmother.”

“No please don’t, it’s fine.” She looked down, fiddling with her fingers.

“No, you won’t get yourself in trouble. I just want to help you, that’s all,” the man insisted. Linda nodded. The man went inside and Linda continued watering the garden.

The man and Linda’s grandmother spoke for about thirty minutes. Her granny came to her with a smile.

“Linda, you are going to school tomorrow!” She broke the news. Linda was so excited. That man had offered to help pay for Linda’s fees!


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