My Nightmare Comes True

It was on the 19 March 2017 when I first had the dream. That was a very long day to me as I was busy thinking what the dream was all about.

A day later I had a trip to Pretoria with my mother. The trip was so funny to my mother and other members but not funny to me as I was busy thinking about my dream. My elder sister was the one who saw it that I was not happy at all.

On that day later I just got a little time to talk with my sister about the dream I got. The dream was about my father getting involved in a car accident. My sister and I never let anyone know about that dream; we kept it a secret between us.

As we were spending our weekend in Pretoria my father was not with us that time because he had some business meetings in Polokwane.

On the third day after getting that dream I was not happy at all about it. I was angry that I couldn’t even try to eat that day. A few hours we got a call from the hospital letting us know that my father had gotten in a car accident.

As a man he tried all the best he could to recover but unfortunately he couldn’t make it.


Tell us: Do you think they should have taken the dream more seriously?